Wires for modding

So I was planning on modding my arcade stick with sanwa parts. I was wondering what types of wires should I use to connect the buttons to the pcb.

I like to use 28 gauge wire because it is really flexible and can be hidden very easily. Hard to find in just regular Radio Shacks though.

Can’t go wrong with 24 gauge stranded.

my preference is 26 gauge stranded, but you need a more expensive automatic wire stripper.

Another question. I was wondering if it would be better to use quick disconnects or just solder the wires directly to the buttons (Sanwa OBSF-30). I heard most people recommend quick disconnects in case you want to switch the button layouts, but I’m not planning on doing that anyways. Also, would it be safe to solder the wire directly to the button?

Soldering directly to the button is perfectly fine.

Some more question. Would it be okay to just wrap the end of the wire and tie it onto the button? What would be the cons of doing that? Would it be likely that some dirt, hair,etc could mess with the connection? I’m just too lazy to solder everything because I couldn’t find quick disconnects.

It would work. As long as metal touches metal. Major con, there’s the possibility of it coming loose and disconnecting unintentionally.

Although soldering is cool if no Quick Disconnects.

No need for this when you can just use some good old tape! Though… wow, that would be some amazin’ taping to tape to something that tiny… Probably near duct-tape nirvana level where you could build entire houses with electricity (somehow), plumbing, heat, AC, and all the appliance fancies out of putely duck tape (inclding a stove and dishwasher out of tape. SOMEHOW).