Wires loose on dualmod

I’m completely SOL interms of what to do about this, and ontop of that downback doesn’t register at all. Was wondering if some kind soul could possibly help me out @@;


Send it back to the modder that did that for you…if you don’t feel confident in that hit us up and we can see what we can do…

I think that looks like a OG Chimp or Cthulhu. Some minor rewiring, dose not look too bad. Hit up any one of the many modders who represents here at SRK.
I [S]am sure[/S] know one of us are more than happy to take a look and fix any problems for you.

Definitely a ChImp board. You can tell by the colour, pin layout, and number of piggyback points.

That soldering looks a little messy, so that should be thoroughly checked for continuity. If ‘left’ and ‘down’ work independently of each other then I can’t think of a reason why the wiring would not register ‘down+left’. Check the joystick itself for problems, and if you are using a Fightstick then make sure the two top switches on the tubo bay are set to ‘DP’ and ‘unlocked’.

Would help if you posted your problems in this thread: