Wiring 2 buttons to one function


Right now I have a namco stick with a x360 pcb, but the problem is that there aren’t enough buttons on the namco stick for all the buttons on the x360 pcb, is there a way to make it so when you press 2 buttons together (Select and L2 for example), it will activate the Back button (or whatever button) on the x360 pcb?


are u using all 8 buttons on the 360 pcb. for ur other Q no it may fry ur pcb.


Sure, but the difficulty and cost varies by your electronics skill. The big issue is whether or not the pcb in your stick is common ground. If it is, its not too bad. You can either wire it yourself using an OR gate chip if you’re comfortable with that, or you can use an Imp kit to do it. The soldering would be easier with an Imp, but an Imp costs more than just finding an OR chip.


Yeah the pcb is common ground, it’s that mad catz one, what is an OR gate chip and what does it do?

Not too worried if it takes some kind of soldering skill to do, I enjoy that actually.

Yeah, I done that hex inverter method thingy for the triggers (Im gonna wire it like the hori ex2 button layout so I dont have to change button config everytime I play with friends) and neutralized the analogs with resistors to save space (height!), I’ll post a pic later of where i put it in the namco housing, it’s just below the buttons where that plastic cyinder was.


so L1 and L2 going to be the 2 extra buttons on ur namco stick. its going to be hard to make third hole or button. if there is way what toddles says do it or else u will have to make extra hole.


An OR gate chip, like say the 74HCT32 will do it. Look up the datasheet on one, connect VCC and Ground pins to the +5v and ground just like you did the inverter. Each chip has 4 gates in it, with two inputs and one output to each.Pick on of the gates to use, and connect one of the inputs to the first button in the pair, and the second input to the gate to the second button in the pair. Connect the output of the gate to the signal line for the button combination to activate (like back in your example)


You are a lifesaver. +rep if I could. :china:


Here is the pic (quite big):

That thing in the plastic bag is the trigger mod hex inverter!


I hope this isn’t a dumb question, but when using the 74HCT32 would both buttons need to be connected to a function on the pcb (select + p1 = home for example) or would it be possible to wire the combination with a unique “shift” button where you could have it wired as “shift” + p1 = home, “shift” + p2 = select, etc… without having the “shift” button also trigger any button on the pcb (in my case I’d be using a mc cthulhu)


to elaborate on my prior post… would something like this work?

or do I have a fundamental misunderstanding of electronics :sweat:


Sounds to me like you have the right. You would need to make one change though; the piink signal line needs to be pulled high. Take a resistor, any value between like 1K ohm and 100K Ohm (I use 10k ohm for all of mine), connect one leg to the pink line, and the other to the VCC line.

Also, keep in mind that the original button will still be read as ‘pressed’. So if you press shift and P1, then the game pcb will see both P1 and L1 as pressed.


Awesome, thanks for the help.
Would there be a way to prevent the original buttons from reading as pressed while the “shift” button is pressed using a switch IC or something like that? I really don’t know anything about electronics but I’m bored at work and looking at data sheets on Mouser trying to pretend I’m clever ha. :wonder:


It’d get more difficult, but it certainly is possible. You’d want each one of the buttons that don’t directly control a signal to be pulled up with a resistor, and inverter, and two of those OR gate chips.