Wiring a JLW-TM-8 into an AXISdapter

I’m really sorry if this has been covered before but all the threads in my searches using concern which stick is better with nothing about wiring.

I’ve noticed that there are three pins on each micro-switch, the AXISdapter has one ground for all directions. Is this a ‘common’ ground if so which pins do I connect to the ground connection on the board. I was under the impression that I could daisy chain each ground together ending up connecting to the ground on the AXISdapter PCB, is this correct? If so which of the two pins should I connect!

This is the stick I have

Use the short pin and the one closest to it. Pick which one you want to use as ground. Daisy chain the micro-switches through that to the sixaxis adapter ground. Use the other pin as the signal to the sixaxis adapter for each direction.

Cool, when you say short do you mean the bent pin? e.g.

From the top, down of the image labelling each one a,b and c, I should connect C from each of the directional micro switches together in a daisy chain to the common ground on the AXISdapter. Then pin b of each micro switch to each of the relevant directions on the AXISdapter.

Is that correct



Yeah, the bent pin. I usually use that one for ground, but it honestly doesn’t matter as long as you’re consistent with the other microswitches. So you use B & C, decide which you want to be the daisy chained ground and the other is direction signal.

Thanks I was beginning to think the stick had no common ground and after weeks of building the case I was about to get scuppered!