Wiring a Madcatz Fightpad/Brawlpad

I’m building a stick from an empty SE case. I still have the guide panel & start/back buttons. It seems like the Fightpad/Brawlpad is the easiest pad to hack for the 360 & I saw they are $20 at Gamestop now. Does this wiring seem correct for the pad? Is there anything I should know before I get started? I have heard that the Guide is a little tricky to solder & easily gets burned. Here’s the layout I drew, does this look about right?

Thanks for your help!

You might want to check this thread out for advice.

That looks about right. You are planning to use a barrier strip, and not the stock madcatz one, right? If using the stock madcatz one, the whole bottom row will be Ground, so you only want to connect Ground to that.

If using the stock Madcatz Back and Guide buttons, you need to have that small PCB that goes behind them for it to work.

Joystick is correct if using JLF-H wiring harness. If using a Seimitsu H5P cable, the order of the colors of the wires will be different.

Regardless, you have the idea correct, so I think you’ll have it done quite fine.

I’ve checked out that thread, in hindsight I probably should have posted this there. I just wanted to make sure that I had the right idea on the wiring.

My friend gutted the SE so he has the original PCB and barrier strip. I’ll be using my own so I have the future possibility to ad a MC Cthulu or something of the like.

I do have the start/back PCB and Guide PCB. I have one wiring harness that I was going to cut in half so I had one on the strip with the guide and another on the strip for the ground. Then I’d split the wires and connect the ones I need.

Joystick harness is a JLF-H. Thanks for all the help!

HOw did you break the Brawlpad open? i removed all the screws but it seems like the LS/DP/RS SWITCH is holding it down.

Did you by chance forget to remove the screw under the back sticker ?

LOL you are the Man!

I know…damn sneaky screws its like Madcatz didn’t want you to open it or something!!!

I want to use a Brawl Pad PCB as well for my custom stick. I soldered the buttons and stick to it connectors on the pcb. But I want to use a different usb cable, which goes from the pcb to a neutrik jack. The USB Cable only has 4 small cables inside: green, red, black and white. The original cable had 5, two black ones. How do I have to solder them?

On the PCB Are the notations 5V, D-, D+, GND and SGND ??

Ok, solved the case für 5V, D- and D+. But I have problems with the ground. Is SGND signal ground or shielded ground? Do I need it?
I just soldered the black wire to ground, and the braided shield wire I didnt connect to anything. So I connected red, white, green, black. So there is the braided wire left (sgnd connector is free, nothing soldered to it).

Does anybody has an answer? Im sure a lot of people use the fightpad pcb and soldered an USB cable from the pcb to a neutrik jack, please.

you can cut it off so its not dangling and causing accidental shorts in the future. and yes its the Shield Ground

I soldered everything according to the diagramm above.
And I soldered the usb cable with red -> 5V . White -> D- . Green -> D+ and black on ground.

When I plug in into PC, nothing happens, no signal tone while plugging in or anything :frowning: .
What is a comon mistake?

Clear pics of your work if you need some help. Otherwise we can list a 100000000 things.

Is it necessary to connect all buttons? I have only 6 buttons wired at the moment, no start or guide or select

Ok here is the pic, cant get a better quality but you get the idea.

So I have 6 buttons lp,mp,hp,lk,mk,hk I daisychained the grounds to have only one ground wire. Same with the 4 Joystick directions. So I have 2 ground wires (yellow) going to the ground connectors on the pcb on B(mk) and RB(hk) (I think its common ground for anything, joystick and buttons? So it doesnt matter where I solder?).
Then I soldered the signal wires (red, 6 for the buttons and 4 for the joystick) to the connectors on the pcb, that was easy.

At last I soldered the USB Wire, red, white, green, black . The shielded wire is cut and isnt connected, so sgnd is empty.
When I plug in into PC or my xbox360, nothing happens :frowning: .


OK plugged in again and something happened !!!
I think a wire crossed from signal to ground and bridged it, can that cause that issue??? would be nice ! Then solve would be cased

ok each button is working besides MK and the led is glowing, looks almost perfect

OK finde now, everything works, I think it was the crossconnection between signal and ground. (If it’s possible, that because of this, the whole pcb wasnt detected (?)).

Depends on what you grounded, but yes, its very possible as you just discovered.

glad you figured it out :slight_smile: