Wiring a Pelican Real Arcade Universal PCB into a TE


**Hey guys,

First off to anyone reading: THANKS! If you can help awesome, if not thanks for trying! I’ll try and be as detailed as possible.

Here’s what I have:**
I have successfully taken out a Pelican Real Arcade Universal PCB out of a stick (it works with ps2,xbox1,GC) and have kept the cable it uses (3 heads for each console). My understanding is that the pelican PCB is common ground (it had all the buttons daisy chained).

I have a 360 TE that is wired with a chIMP.

Now, here’s what I WANT to do:
I want to put the Pelican PCB into my TE, I will keep the seperate cables from each respective PCB (so the pelican keeps the 3 headed cable, and the TE USB cable is also attached to the TE PCB).

Now I am not sure how to go about this. Here is what I THINK I should do, and this is what I am looking to get information on:
I was going to solder the ground to one of the ground QD’s of the TE at the terminal. Then I was going to solder all the Pelican wires to it’s respective QD at the terminal of the TE.

I just want to make sure this would work before going about and frying anything. I have limited electronic experience, and any insight as to how to go about this would be awesome!

Thanks in advance!,
Felipe (Oli)


You also need to solder the VCC of the Pelican to +5V of the TE.


Ok, that make’s sense. How would I find out which is the vcc of the pelican?


The answer lies in the heart of board.


There’d be two of them, one from the PSX cable, one from the Xbox and GC ends. It’s kind of a moot point though, the pelican pcb is flaky, and I’m pretty sure its not a true common ground. I had problems when I used it as the base of a stick a long time ago, specifically with start and select buttons needing a different common IIRC, and buttons acting like all were pressed if two or three were pressed. Feel free to give it a try though. I dont know if yours came from one of the bow-tie shaped ones, wooden ones, or the black’n’yellow version. Mine came from the black’n’yellow Pelican cheap crappy sticks.

I’ll help were I can, but I don’t think it’ll be far. I will say, and please understand that its how I actually feel and not some sales pitch, that you’d be better off keeping the awesome cord itself, tossing the board, and connecting the cord to an MC Cthulhu. That’s what I did on my Namco mod, and its pretty awesome, and as a perk you can get PS3 support as well and the other goodies in the MC. The perk to keeping the original board that the MC can’t do is use the Xbox1 headset port.

EDIT: If you’re talking about the board JDM linked to, forget everything I said and give it a shot. If its one of the HUGE boards from the cheap plastic sticks, well, meh, I’m of the opinion that it wouldn’t be worth the headache, whereas the one JDM linked to looks very small and clean to work with. If its one of the big ones, I’d still say swapping the Imp out for an MC + Imp would be better, and since you have a slide switch, you wont miss the autodetect so much.


The TE needs a King Ghidora top panel to go with the 3 headed cable? ;p


YES! Thank you so much, I will give this a thorough read as soon as class is over tomorrow and report back.

Yeah, I should’ve just gone the MC route : / but went chimp out of lack of funds; however, luckily it is the stick that JDM linked and I’m hoping it will work out.

haha, that would be hilarious


Also, do I have to wire the vcc to the +5v and ground on the TE pcb or can it be the chimp pcb?

If anyone can direct me to where exactly that is, I would be very thankful!

Thanks for all the help so far guys!


Can be the ChImp if you want.
The ChImp and TE PCB already connected, just choose one.

VCC on the ChImp is labeled.
It is the +5V.

It is also the red wire of the USB.

Black wire is Ground on the USB.
Ground is labeled on ChImp too.


I saw the labeling on the side holes of the chimp (longside of the board), I can just simply solder them into that?




JDM, thanks so much for the help. I’m gonna go pick up some wiring tomorrow and should have the stick up and running in no time. thanks!