Wiring a stick to work with a sigma av7000?

Anyone have any info on this?

Would be very helpful to me.

Unless you can find a pic of the other side of the board, all I can say is you SHOULD be able to. I’m scratching my head at the moment because it looks like a 12 pin DIN connector, which would allow for four directions and eight buttons if you use the shield as ground; that doesn’t leave any power wires for the turbo function, so I can’t be sure of much.

But, finding a cable to sacrifice will be spendy.

What if i wired a stick to a female 12 pin din and just plugged the male end of the cable in (this way if i mess up i don’t ruin the cables that come with the av7000)

That would work in lieu of tearing a cable up, sure. I did some checking on Digikey, and the closest match I could find is the Hirose HR25 series connectors:
If you get the sigma, I’d do some serious checking to identify the right part. All of the female connectors from Hirose are between about $8-$20 each, so be sure. My guess of the Hirose is based on a very grainy photo of the connections. It’s a guess, but could point you in the right direction when you get your gear.

Hmm this is going to be tricky, I think ill go the route of trying to find extra sigma cables rather than taking a guess on who makes the right connector. Thanks for the advice.

It’s a 13-pin DIN connector, not 12-pin. Easy enough to find.