Wiring a TE like a hitbox

Hello! I’ve been searching and reading up online but I can’t quite find what I want to know, so I am posting here hoping some kind and knowledgably folks can help me out:

I am converting my MadCatz TE Fightstick (Round 1) into a Hitbox - no joystick instead 4 actual push buttons.

My problem is understanding how to wire it. The joystick cable from the PCB has 5 wires. Somehow I’ve got to turn these 5 wires into 8, two quick disconnects for each button (a signal and ground, correct?)

From what I can gather, 4 of the wires are signals, and the 5th is the ground? So somehow I need to split the ground wire into 4…? Maybe this doesn’t make sense… But that’s all I can think of.

So if anyone can kindly explain what I’ll need to do I would really appreciate it! Thanks very much, let me know if I need to explain myself better

Buy one of these.
JLF-TE Harness for MadCatz FightSticks

And about 15 of these.
LL Quick Connect, .110" Insulated

You should also get 3 ft of some wire.
LL 22 AWG Stranded Wire, White

Cut off the connector that would normally go to the joystick and figure out which one is ground. You should cut the Madcatz connector, and keep the replacement connector from Lizardlick as a backup, because the new connector is actually really good and should save it.
You should strip 1 cm off the ends of each wire.
Figure out which one is ground. it is one of the end ones.

With another controller go to SF4 training mode. Now hook up your open TE to the game.

If you touch the ground wire one to the other 4 it will set off the other directions. Mark it with tape or something. You want to daisy chain crimp quick disconnects to the ground.

DaisyChain pictures by rtdzign - Photobucket

Then apply quick disconnects to the directional signals.

Thanks so much rtdzign, that’s perfect!

Actually, instead of cutting the connector off of the Lizardlick harness, you should cut the original TE harness, because the original harness kinda sucks, and keep the new one in case you want to change it back.