Wiring analog stick to brooks ufb


So I’m trying to throw a lil somethin’ somethin’ together for the GF for v-day.
Has anyone wired an analog stick to a brooks ufb before?
I’m having trouble getting it to read inputs having th pins go up/ground/down and left/ground/right


What analog stick are you trying to wire up?
Where are you trying to wire it on the UFB?
Keep in mind that analog sticks don’t wire the same way as digital d-pad inputs.

Standard joystick/d-pad connections are:

Analog joystick connections are
LSx/LSy/Gnd/Vcc for the Left analog stick
RSx/RSy/Gnd/Vcc for the Right analog stick


Just a single xbox style analog. Was trying to wire it to the up down left right ground.

How would I need to wire it?


No, analogs don’t wire that way.
Analogs are essentially two potentiometers: one side is Ground, the other side is Vcc, and the middle contact is the “wiper”. Depending on how much of resistance is registered between GND-Wiper and Wiper-Vcc, the analog stick is registered to be held at whatever angle it’s seen at.

As far as I know the UFB doesn’t support true analog.
You can use the LS/DP/RS switch to simulate outputting to the LS or RS, but I don’t think you can get true analog motions with it.


So using the ls/dp/rs can I wire in the analog some how to get the udlr motions or no?

I got it to consistent 3 directions with the 2 center pins grounding the 4 directions wired and one end of one pot hooked to vcc


NO. It does not work that way.

What are you trying to accomplish?


Yeah, take a picture of your wiring, because based on your description, it doesn’t sound like you’re approaching this the right way.


Yeah I realised what he meant like 5 minutes later haha.

I just want to wire it up so it’ll work for movement. If it won’t I’m working on a dpad as plan b haha