Wiring Diagonals

Hello, I was hoping someone could possibly help me out with an electric issue I have come across. I am basically trying to wire diagonal inputs to buttons.

In my example, lets say I have 2 buttons, one for up forward and one for up back. The issue I have encountered is any time I hit either button it activates both because they form a complete circuit (both wired to up). This results in pressing up instead of their respective diagonal directions.

Is there any way to get around this through other wiring methods? I am very basic with electronics.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can offer some insight.

You might need diodes on the up lines.

Specifically, one per button with the stripe pointing toward the button, with the other end ONLY connected to the up signal. I think that’ll do it. If diodes don’t work, you could probably use a 7400 chip or some other logic.

Assuming he wants to wire all four diagonals, he’ll need one diode per line, per button.

Wow! Thanks for the quick responses everyone, this is exactly the information I needed to know!!

Do you guys recommend a certain Diode voltage? I see quite a view on the RadioShack site. I am not sure if it makes a difference which one I use? I am going to be wiring up to a normal game console PCB.

I plan to pick these up after work and give it a shot.

Thanks again!

@Rufus: Right you are.

@OP: Inverse voltage as high as you please, not less than 5 VDC. Forward voltage as low as you can get. Forward current not less than 500 mA. You probably want some type of Schottky diode, although any switching diode should do. If you must, radioshack stocks 1N4148 diodes, and they’ll probably work ok. Be sure to test before you solder everything up. (Also I am not an EE so take this advice with a pound of salt.)