Wiring Harness Converter


In an effort to not have to cut up or desolder the standard 5-pin harness on the SE and TE for joysticks which don’t use pcbs or have different pin outs for gnd and +5v, I thought I’d rig up a little adapter wire. Upon scouring the appropriate Fry’s aisle, I noticed that there didn’t seem to be a male housing in the Molex kk series (2.54mm pitch), just the male header and female housings. Apparently the kk series is just wire-to-board and not wire-to-wire.

I saw this http://www.pololu.com/picture/view/0J1708 online, or I could order Molex sl series housings, but I imagine this is something someone here has done before and the part for it shouldn’t be this obscure. Are there better options other than getting some 0.64mm individual male pins and doing without a housing?