Wiring Harness


So I just bought this wiring harness for my TE. Turns out when I have that one in, only down works. But when I use my older harness ( the stock one) it works fine. I bought the harness becuase my stick would randomly die in the middle of a match (only the stick, the buttons would work fine) Anyone have any clues to what’s going on?


Any chance you plugged it in upside down?


flip it upside down


wow. I get trolls in the tech talk forums too? I can’t flip it updside down. Read the description of the item.


Not trolling, this is usually the result of plugging in the wiring harness upside down. Not sure if this is possible, but did you plug it in the TE PCB the wrong way? Try it the other way.


It only goes in one way. I can’t put it in any other way.


It’d be so much easier if the person who wired these used the correct colors :frowning:

I dunno, sounds like you got one wired in reverse.


Can you show us a picture of what you got plugged in?

edit: nvm, its all black isnt it? Its probably wired backwards then.


You talking about the “JLF-TE” harness from LizardLick?
Is your stick using the stock JLF, or did you switch it out for a Seimitsu?
If it’s the stock stick and not a Seimitsu, look at the spot it connects to on the TE board. It should plug into a plastic shroud with two notches on one of the wide sides. Those notches should face towards the center of the TE board, and not from the board on the edge. Verify that the notches face in or out on yours.
Lastly, grab the harness and lay it down flat. The side of the part that connects to the stick has writing on one side, with the numbers 1-5 and ‘JST H’ written on it. If that side is up, and the cable is laid down flat, then the part of the plug with the two arrows (that fit into the notches described above) should also be facing up. [Another way of saying this is that the wire marked with the ‘1’ on the joystick end should go to the pin marked GND on the TE end.]

If only direction is working then either you’re not using a JLF, the connector piece it plugs into on the TE is backwards, or the harness was wired wrong. It should be easy to figure out which of the three is the problem for sure.