Wiring Help

As the title explains is there a guide or advice anyone could give me for having clean wiring, cause ill be using the tek innovation cases

Take your time and measure out the amount of wire you think you need.
You always want to go slightly longer than the actual measurement (an inch or so) as it is easier to trim off later than realize your wiring is too short.
Use zip ties, tech flex and shrink wrap as means of keeping your wiring neat and presentable.

Cool, thanks for the tips, want my stick to look nice since its gonna be my first one im making from scratch

That is cool, remember to just take your time, take time to measure out your wiring.

I forgot there is also split loom and spiral wrap

The trick its always not just the proper length but how you hide the excess when you have it…shortcuts never look clean compared to something you take your time in…

thanks guys will definatly use this info

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