Wiring help

ACK ignore this I had to idea what I was thinking when I wrote this see the lower picture it explains alot better what I am trying to do.

I have no idea what you’re trying to accomplish. Draw some pictures or describe it better.

Ok let me try this again. Here is my basic setup. There are 4 different sets of LEDS on the PC board that I would like to have turn on when I press the momentary switch that they are assigned to.

However the problem I am having is I don’t understand how to wire this up so I can have those LEDs on the PC board only light when I press the momentary switch and have those 2 others LEDs be constantly on.

Or for that matter have no other LEDs on the pc board constantly on.

I can draw in the wiring I am thinking of doing if that helps.

Still not following. Stop worrying about the wiring, and instead describe how you want it to act, how you want it to look, etc.

Its a PKE, right? So, are you wanting to two lowest LEDs to always be on, and then have the next two turn on when you press one switch, and then have the next two turn on when you press the next button, next two for the next button, last two for the last button? What if you are pressing the last button, but not the earlier ones? If you press one of the middle buttons by themselves?

Yeah you pretty much got it.

Heres the layout

I have drawn arrows to the specific LEDs i’d like to have light up when I press that particular momentary switch.
note that those LEDs I have are groups of LED’s not individual.

its overall modeled loosely off of this. I have a premade screen(old game gear screen) thats going to mount over the led’s and it looks really awesome when the led’s are lit behind it.

  • voltage from battery-----------switch-------LED------resistor----- negative ‘-’ voltage from battery.

Resistor value depends on the current you want going through the LED and the battery voltage. Play with different values to get the brightness you like.

Alright that makes alot of sense. Thanks for your help. I’ll make sure I post pics of it in action once I get a chance to get to it this upcoming weekend. What gauge wire do you recommend I use for LEDs? The gauge I am using right now is entirely to big.