Wiring problem.... maybe?

for some reason dont matter who i order buttons from those things dont last me but maybe 3 weeks at the most 1 month… and sometimes up to 4 buttons at the time not responding i just hit with my open hand across the buttons and then they start responding… i just dont know if is a wiring problem or bad dual shock or something but this thing is not normal i have friends that havent replaced buttons as often as i do, hell some of them havent replaced buttons in years… so maybe you guys stick builders or whatnot can help me with this thing…:annoy:

let me take a wild guess…

they are OBSF or some kind of snap in buttons?


theres a reliability problem with snap in buttons?

screw-ins/snap-in buttons sanwa or seimitsu it doent matter they dont last too long on my stick…

i was working on my Halo 3 stick and i find that if the hole is too small (even by 1-2mm) it puts pressure on the outer part of the snap in and that binds the plunger

also if the plunger guide tab is rubbing against something it will also bind up…

normally if you smack it hard enough it will loosen… but then you just end up damaging your buttons over time