Wiring ps1 pcb to stick

i tried searching and i found a few threads regarding soldering the wires onto a ps1 dual shock h series pcb but i didnt find an answer to this specific question.

one of the pad hacking threads provided a great picture of the ps1 pcb


i checked all the soldering guides as well

i bought a mas stick about 2 years ago. sadly, i was unaware of how much ass the pcbs on these sticks suck. my stick died on me and i am trying to rewire the buttons (i have happ buttons and happ competition stick) and the stick to the ps1 controller pictured above. i noticed that one wire is running through all the grounds on the buttons and the stick (i dont know if i phrased this properly).

my question is, am i supposed to connect a ground wire from each individual button to the ground on the pcb?

im sorry i dont know how to ask this more clearly. i dont understand what im trying to do haha

if this question is already answered in a thread, a link or a ‘you should look harder’ will be appreciated

thank you for your time

With PS1 PCBs you can loop all the grounds together. So just run a ground line to one of the switches on the stick or the buttons, and then loop each successive ground off of that switch with a little piece of wire.

thank you