Wiring PS360+ to a korean stick setup


My korean stick broke down and the Omni is out of stock at etokki. I want to buy a ps360+ pcb and wire my korean buttons (have to solder wire to the buttons), and stick (chained ground and 4 separate wires with quick-disconnects).

I’m pretty sure it works, my only question that I can think of is that the ground from my buttons is going to be separate, or can I chain it somehow? The tutorials I have seen showing me how to setup the ps360+ is only with chained ground.

Anyone done this before? Thanks!

For the PS360+ It has 4 grounds, one for all four kicks, one for all four punches, one for directionals, and one for start/select/guide.

To daisy chain I just measure a wire a little longer than it needs to go, clip where I need a ground, strip suitable amount of wire to prepare it for a quick disconnect and crimp a quick disconnect to both of the wires that I ended up with after clipping it.

You could have to do that two or three times based on what button layout you use, if you use 6+2 I would imagine it being easier to ground your +2 with the start/select/guide button.

Hope that answered your question.

Do you have to use all four grounds? What about u just daisy chain the stick and buttons to one ground?

Nope. You do not have to. The idea of the 4 grounds is to make wiring more flexible for you. Its easier to give the joystick its own ground, and the buttons another, and if you are enabling some kind of tournament lock, a 3rd ground is used for the start, select and guide.

That’s what I thought, I’m about to mod a stick and I’m going to use molex connectors and it will only give me access to one ground for the panel.