Wiring Q.


Wiring question. I don’t think this has been asked anywhere else + I did’nt see anything about it on the various stores homepage. Is it possible to get Wires for my buttons already connected together (like the common wire that connects them all to the GND) or do I have to buy them and cut/put them together myself.

Also anyone knows a retailer (who’s still open that sell these so called wires. causer right now mine are so short that my PCB is floating in my stick(i could not screw it down because of the lenght of the wires) and I don’t think it’s good for the PCB.

Anything helps tnkz


You have to find wires and connect them yourself, doh. The so called wires are found all over the place in your house as a free gift from your builder. Open up an electrical socket by taking off the screws off the faceplate and grab as many as you want.


don’t be a smart azz

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Radio shack. Most hardware stores.


Why so serious?


I did’nt know radio shack had these kind of wires I’ll check it out tommorow then. tnkz