Wiring Seimitsu LS-32 to 5 Pin connector


i have the LS-32 (not the Ls 32-01) and want to use it with my Madcatz TE Fighstick
after some reasearch i found this

i tried this wiring but joystick only register the downward Motion, any other joystick movement is not registered
Do u guys have any advice where my connection might be messed up?
edit: Down Forward also works, so only the inputs for “D” and “D/R” work


Can we get pictures of your wiring?


sorry i dont have any device to take to take pictures right since my phone is broken :S

i did it like in the picture, when i look at the opened bottom of the stick, buttons beeing left, stick pcb in the top right corner
so when i look at it from this way the cable of the 5 pin connecter which is on the very right is connected as D


okay i finally figured it out :confused: its actually the inverted view on the pcb so i messed up my wiring but now it works :slight_smile:
i have one last question: it seems that the joystick is shorter than the stock one. Is the ls 32 actually shorter? or do i have the wrong mounting plate so less of the stick comes out of the case?


LS-32s should be mounted so that the plate surface is JUST below/under the plexi (or somewhere in that vicinity). You may need an S-plate. The joystick should stick out of the surface by about 24mm.


Oh thx 4 the info, i have the wrong plate then since mine goes down a few mm on those places where u screw the joystick in.
Is the plate soldered to the case? or how do u easily remove it?


Would this help?


it’s been a while since i bought the regular ls-32 but i believe that one comes with a flat plate. only the ls-32-01 comes with the s-plate. did you remove the flat plate first and then install onto the s-plate that’s already welded into the TE? if not, that might be why it feels a little low.


There’s either the S-plate, or the flat plate. You need the S-plate to mount it into the TE properly.

The plate is just screwed on with 4 screws from the top.


i think it would have but i already figured it out, the wiring works now, ty

Sorry i mistyped above, i have the SE not the TE
there was no plate included when i bought the seimitsu, i used the S-plate thats already weilded in the SE-stick, it doesnt look too easy to remove tho
so i need a Flat Plate to have the stick little higher? that sucks without any technical tools at home :smiley:


it should have come with a flat plate already installed on the ls-32. just unscrew that and install the s-plate if you got one. i was confused because it’s been a while since i changed a stick on a TE/SE (i used to have both and both were modded). this video explains how to install the ls-32-01 and later on he explains how to install the regular ls-32:

hope this helps


ah now i feel stupid, i thought the mounting plate is that what he refers as "mounting bracket"
i understand now, i have a flat one and need the S, doesnt look that hard to do now :stuck_out_tongue:
i will buy the S-plate then i think because this short stick is kind of annyoing to handle
thx 2 everybody for the help


Sorry for my dumb question but how do you make that ground cable with several .187 connectors? , i have all i need to do a harness but don’t know how to :confused:


Daisy Chain


The wiring harness converter for the Crown joystick is also compatible with the LS-32 0.187-tab joystick… it should work with all other 0.187-tab Seimitsu joysticks AND the Silent (tab-version) JLF as well.
I use that wiring harness for the Zippyy joystick and that’s a clone of the LS-32!

Buy the harness converter from Focus Attack already…
You’ll save yourself aggravation and money from trying to make one of these things yourself!



Thank you!


I received the cables/pins for free from the store i bought the seimitsu. Buying from FA would cost way too much since i’m in the EU, but thx for the advice :wink:


You’re welcome.

Good to hear you found a solution. Hopefully it works for you!

There’s no difference performance between 0.187-tab and PCB/5-pin connector models of the same joystick BUT the newer production joystick case PCB’s are definitely geared towards 5-pin and you spend a lot less time installing and debugging replacement joystick levers in joystick cases with the 5-pin models.
They charge the same price for the 5-pin and 0.187-tab models in the States and the costs are virtually the same in Asia, too, between models. It’s a 100-yen difference between the LS-32 (tab model) and LS-32-01 PCB models on the Japanese websites.
You only install the LS-32 (tabby) if that’s all that’s available or if someone gives it to you for free. A lot of people still buy the joystick tab models for arcade cabinets. Many older-style cabinets really aren’t set up for the PCB models of joysticks. It’s still easier to buy a converter harness to use a tab-stick with 5-pin joystick case interface than the opposite.