Wiring Start+Select for Home with MC Cthulhu

I want to have start + select act as the HOME button, to do this on my MC Cthulhu board all I have to do is use a small piece of wire and connect it between the HOME screw in terminal and any Ground terminal, correct?

I have the instructions infront of me but they make it sound like you have to either short out the “disable_home” pads as well. I just wanted to double check before I did it.

also, each button has 2 quick connects, 1 to the board and 1 ground. I’m guessing all these grounds have to be daisy chained or can I put them all into the screw in’s on the PCB?

i didn’t do it on my cthulhu board. so i can’t help dude. i’m using my ps2/dc mas stick so used the former analogue button and mapped it to home.

You need a coherent subject to get a response to this. I’ll give you one free of charge.

I used this method for my PS3 hacked joystick. Maybe it will work the same for you and your MC.

The instructions are quite clear…

Either solder the disable_home spot on the PCB or wire Home to a GND terminal to enable the Start+Select=Home function.

Straight from the sheet of paper that came with it:

If you do not want to use a dedicated Home button, you can tell the board to make the Start+Select button combination bring up the in game menu. To do this, either short the ?DISABLE_HOME? pads on the board itself together with solder, solder a wire between the ?HOME? point and any ?GND? point, or if you are using screw terminals, use a small piece of wire to connect the ?HOME? terminal to any ?GND? terminal.