Wiring TE-Harness TO PS360

Been a long time finally decided to restore my TEK stick form last year after it cracked
Decided to upgrade the harness since i had my old stick from the SE in it
Purchased the TE harness of LL can’t find a pdf showing what cable is what as far as directional go
Wired it blindly and failed then tried to correct it and failed which is odd because i pretty much just went over my mistakes, but enough about that does anyone know which order the wires go like which one is for the left and right and so forth

they’re all black, so you pretty much will have to test blindly
the far left or the far right is ground
just test each other wire one by one until they’re right, shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes

or check this

This is all.

Thank you will give this a go once i get home