Wiring the back of late version xbox 360 controller

hi guys i have been looking everywhere even slagcoin but they dont have wiring diagrams of the new xbox 360 controller i messed up the left directional button on the front and wanted to know where the ground and signal was located on the back please if anyone can direct me to where it is that would be so helpful

The ground and signal? If it is the late version of the Xbox 360 controller its common ground, meaning all signals can share one of the common ground spots. You dont need a seperate ground for each direction or button.

Also: http://slagcoin.com/joystick/pcb_diagrams/360_diagram1.jpg

Thats wired, if its wireless I’m unsure. Why dont you just gently scratch the PCB where the trace is to the left directional button and solder to that?

thanks man but its wireless and its the left directional button on the back to the controller because i know from the early versions u can solder both back and front if need be but i need the diagram of a wireless late back of the pcb

Just because one controller has easy points to solder on the back doesn’t mean they all do.

The late wireless you have to go with the front.