Wiring the stick

Solved my button problem, now got another. On the HFS3 stick part, there are 2 wires coming from each direction, like 2 wires coming from up, 2 coming from down etc. What I wanna know is where do I solder onto the frame thingy(the stick part, like a little box) for the common ground of the directional inputs from the PpsOne PCB. Like there is 2 free slots on my stick restrictor thingy and I wanna know is it ok to use one for the ground.

Here is a pic I drew(I haven’t got access to a camera at the moment :sad:)

If it says file unavailable just reload,lol

what kind of mod are you doing to the stick?

dont use megaupload for pictures, use something like imageshack and you can display the picture directly in the post.

You have to connect the common ground wire to one of the pins on all four directions. Get some more wire and daisy chain it, so it goes from the first switch tot he second switch to the third switch to the fourth switch to the common ground on the PSX PCB.

I am installing a PS1 PCB. Thanks for the tip about pics Toodles

I dont really understand what your saying. Could u make a pic? This is my first stick, I don’t wanna mess it up, it cost me a bit

there buttons

That pic has ‘Signal’ pointing to a ground wire.

Other than that, its awesome ‘Brain’ and ‘to Happy Place’ make me smile.

Yes, they are. more accurately, they’re microswitches, just like you have on the stick.

lol i dunno. chippermonkey made it, its somewhere in a how to solder or how to wire guide, something like that.

k thanks guys

I dunno what u mean by pin. there are no free slot thingys for wire, so i dont know where to solder to

He means pin as in the metal contact part of the microswitches. That is where you solder to.

By pins he means one of the terminals on the microswitches that are around the joystick.