Wiring xbox360 pad Early version help please

Hi Guys,
I’m pretty new around here and hope I posted in the right area.

I have been moding sticks for a while now but first time hacking a XBOX360 wired controller pad.

Here it is:

Credit go to slagcoin for the pic I linked.

I have 2 issues:
Top pciture
1: When wirring the A and B buttons directly from the button pads (scratching the black plastics) linking both the signal ( BLUE CIRCLE) and I guess the signal next to it is ground? I get no response… where as X and Y would work with no problems. any ideas?

EDIT: I manage to get LT and RT working as well, I soldier the triggers back on, glue it to neutral and wired as normal and it works!!! xD xD thanks to the guys here :slight_smile:
But I still need to get A and B buttons working…

2: I managed to get RB and LB working but when I connect LT ( there are 3 solder points) after removing the black and white trigger. I then Soldier middle SIGNAL (lablled LT in the top pciture on the left) and tried both top and bottom point as I guess one of them would be ground but instead I get either, a: it reponse on button release and not button press and it also shown as 2x kick instead of 3x kick in game? (tested via SF4). I then tried soldiering it to another point and I get inconsistant response…

As for RT, I get the same issue as the very first issue above, no response. I soldier the SIGNAL shown on the right side of the top picture, tried different ground points and even tried scratching the pad around it for the ground but have come to no avail for any response…

Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.

its hard to tell what you did wrong if you don’t show your work and all you have to say is “this button does not work”. did you check your solder connections for continuity and resistance? test your buttons to make sure they are not shorted or open. your triggers are going to be messed up if you just wire them to buttons. those are analog triggers. you can hack it with resistors, or logic inverters, or transistors or whatever you like. there is information available online somewhere for the triggers. sorry I don’t have a link to the tutorial.

This is the pad hacking link How to padhack an 08/09 Madcatz 4716 Common Ground Xbox 360 Pad

I’'l take some pictures when I get home tonight and post them up, I am pretty certain with my soldering as I have double checked and there are no shorts anywhere.

As for teh Analog triggers I’ve found the reason for this and still in the process of getting it fixed, but I am more concer with the A and B buttons being not functional at all :frowning:

Thanks for the link, its for MC controller but I guess the general logic would work with original xbox360 controllers. I’ll have a good read.

No problem. I know they’re different controllers but the logic is same. Hope it helps. I used that guide for one of my project sticks before. It’s not too bad just time consuming so I just use the MC fight pads from then on and I usually keep an eye on used fight pads at local gamestops and snag them whenever I need one for dual modding.

Here are some images, my question is how do I get A and B working? on the Slagcoin diagram it does not state the ground for these? or does A and X have common ground and B and Y has common ground? I tried linking the ground wire of A and B to the respective ground and it get nothing as well…



Looking at the picture from slagcoin the ground is the bottom half and signal is top. To double check and make sure you should use a multimeter and check the resistance between the ground on A, B, X with one of the other grounds. You should get a small reading if the ground is good and if it’s bad then it would say OL or open depending on your multimeter.

I won’t have a multi meter until later tonight to test the ground signals to see if they are good.

EDITED: finally found the issue, the grounds are common for A,X and B,Y therefore I linked the ground wire from the two that did not work to the two that did respectively and solved my issue.

One thing I still don’t get is why the original ground from A and B did not work when I linked them directly… either way thanks for everyones input.

Hello Zosla,

I was wondering if you could tell me how you got LT and RT to work? I have a similar MadCatz controller that I was going to use, but I don’t know how to confirm the triggers are for sure neutral, and I’m also not sure how to wire them. Here’s a few questions for you if you don’t mind.

  1. How do you “set the triggers to neutral?” What I mean is, I know you spin the little piece on the inside, but how do you know when they are in fact neutral so that you can glue them to stay that way? I was trying to confirm them with the controller hooked up to my PC and looking at the X Axis (I think?) but I didn’t know if the red bar should be empty, full, or 50% full. Or, do you maybe have a better way to test them?

  2. How did you wire them? Did you have to solder to 2 specific points of the 3? Or did you just use the middle solder point and a common ground?

Thank you very much!


The reason I not answer your Thread because you cannot.

LT is Z-Axis 100% bar you want.
RT is Z-Axis 0% bar you want.
Neutral is Z-axis 50% bar.

You are getting the creep.
You don’t want that.

You cannot use your Triggers.
Because you said you do not want to do any Resistors and Hex Inverter stuff.

Gluing the Potentiometers is only if you keep the Potentiometers in place.
And you will not wire up Triggers for Arcade Stick.

2007 Mad Catz #4716 was only need Resistor.
Did not need to Hex Invert.

Ahhhhh okay. I thought maybe I could do it because that’s exactly what the controller does when plugged in with the pots still connected and the little discs are taken out: it sits at 50%. Even though I recently moved on to using a Brawlpad (thanks to your help,) I just wanted to know for a fact that it couldn’t be done because of my own personal curiousity. For some reason I couldn’t stop wondering whether or not it was possible, even though I’m not using that controller anymore. At least I know now and I can let it go. Thanks! :slight_smile:

As for me “getting the creep,” I’m not entirely sure what you mean, but it doesn’t sound good, so I’ll take your word for it. I only have one more question to figure out (this time for a friend,) and then I’ll be all done researching. If I can’t find that info, I’ll ask in the newbie thread.


You said it yourself, with a different word.

OOHHHHHHH now I TOTALLY understand, makes perfect sense. Sorry about that.