Wisconsin, 1 week before TST4, Lock-In Results


1st- Tony “Noise54” K.
2nd- Derek “DerekLearnSlow” Learnslow
3rd- Matt “NEDO” Wojczak
4th- Jose “Evil Magzimize” Martinez
5th- Brandon “Buto” Guy
5th- Ronaldo “Pikachamp” Valdez

1st Derek Learnslow
2nd Rolando Valdez
3rd Tony K.
4th Jose Martinez
5th Brandon Guy
5th Oscar Theif

Tekken Tag:
1st Enrique Basquez
2nd Craig Jase
3rd Tick
4th Jose Martinez
5th Tiger

Tekken 4:
1st: Chris Jin
2nd: Oscar Theif
3rd: Tiger
4th: Craig Jase
5th: Mike Racine
5th: Jeremy “Big Papa”

Names and other shit may very good shit everyone.


Blackheart owns me for free blah.


My last name is Vargas not Valdez
Fun tourney, hope i can make it to the next one.


:lol: Holy shit I was colse I was only guessing, no one told me your guys last names so if you guys see mistakes on the APEX points board let me know and Ill fix them.


My last name is Douglas. You have me as Derek T. somewhere I think.