Wisconsin: Breaking Controllers Since The 90s and Probably Before Then...LOL!

Well it is true…LOL…:arazz:!!!


And now that I think of it…I’m an OG. I’ve been in the competitive gaming community community for over 10 years now.

10 years, huh? I think its the same for me… 98 i started hosting tournaments.

Yea. But unfortunately the very first game I was introduced to on a professional scale was Tekken 3.:shake:

Why did it have to be that game:rolleyes:!!!

But even at the age of 10 I was taking games seriously and of course breaking controllers. I’m surprised there isn’t a video of me on youtube…LOL!!! :amazed:

“**WIZKONSIN” :rofl:


Sup Orka…come up and hang out one day. Bring friends…good times!!! :woot:

This state is so gangsta.

Yall need more Humbag and Happycat.

stop changing the title :rofl:

you might as well spell controller with a K also

Great, now people are going to think we like mortal kombat.

OMFG Orka 4 Prezident

I heart MK, done!!!

Those typing skills are killing my eyes.

Good shit last night to Nick & Co. Although it may not seem like much fun, the only way of getting better is playing against people better than you. Asian Carlos is funny as hell.

So this is my van for Iowa:

Bedfast Emperor

Because we have 7 people, gas is $10 per person. Nick, please have you, Jerry, and Adam all in one place for pickup on Saturday morning.

@ NappyJin

I’m off this upcoming weekend (April 4th). I want to practice 3S/GG with you. What is your schedule looking like?

@ Webster

Dude, you really need to edit the title thread; that is visually jarring.

Alright!!! An Andrew’s van to iowa update!!! I’ve been waiting 3 days for one because they used to be daily.

As of right now, I don’t have anything planned, so I could play on the 4th.

As I promised.

More Humbag and Happycat.

That’s one happy freakin’ cat. He should take angry Ryu out for lunch or something.

instead of shooting hadouken’s, ryu should shoot happy cats out of his hands. happy cats that shoot lasers out of their mouths and hold chainsaws.

Dat cat looks awesome!!!

I don’t really like cats though.

asian carlos is funny as hell. but i had fun, i just drank too much beer to play seriously. but seriously, fuck elena’s kara throws. all day. for free…necro4life.

The one good thing that’s ever come out of Smash Bros. lol