Wish devs would pay more attention to good matchmaking

Hi guys,

I write this topic as a guy that has been playing AE since July, fought my way into the 1400PP range with my Abel, and now just picked up UMvC3…I have been doing mission mode hard for a few days and can now do 8 & 9 with MOST characters and even a couple mission 10s. Playing online and I am 4-50, and the 4 was against one dude that didn’t know how to throw a special move, or at least I’m pretty sure.

It’s frustrating in this game that even though I say “same skill”, I get matched up with these 50%+ win rate dudes with 300 matches under their belt that do these 1 touch kill combos on me, teleport constantly, and I don’t even stand a chance. It’s not like they are just better than me and there is opportunity to learn in there(I felt that way when starting SF4)- mvc3 is like I’m dead before I get a chance to begin.

Contrast this with Starcraft 2, currently the most competitive game out there, period. A big part of what has allowed SC2 to flourish is the fantastic matchmaking- you play 5 placement matches and now you’re in against Bronze. No one in Bronze is going to be doing sick timing pushes on you or anything, and the game itself even presents ways to deal with the rush or what have you. In this way, players are encouraged to keep playing and growing and leveling up and presented with at least SOME success- in UMvC3 it’s “alright bud you are learning the game but you need to prepare to lose 98% of the matches and pay your dues”.

I’m pretty close to quitting mvc3 just because it’s really not fun constantly getting my ass handed to me. I just wish that Capcom would take some more time to really flesh out the matchmaking system to be more like the one in Starcraft 2, that would help the playerbase to grow and ultimately make the game much more competitive.

What do you guys think of the matchmaking?

Stop whining about your losses…and pay your dues.
UMvC3 and SC2 are different fucking beasts…why even compare?

If you want to play against other people with your skill level…there are plenty of threads here you hook up with and make your own lobbies.

Go play player match, obviously you are not ready for ranked if you are going to let it affect you so much+you are not ready to fight players that are better than you

is what you will be hearing from me when you get on dat KOFXIII (if the netcode is ever playable) :slight_smile:

It’s the same lol

I just made a lobby, having a little bit more luck but there is a dude in here way better than the other 3 of us, i gotta figure out how to kick him lol

Oh you…I’m not holding back now.
I’m starting to think the post office fucked up somewhere…I’m gonna go there after my shift.

I mean I just think ranked should also encompass “low ranked”, ya dig?

Leave the lobby if it bugs you that much

I’d rather play basketball with Micheal Jordan than with some randoms on the street.

and it would get old pretty quickly man

Ended up just msging him asking him to leave and he obliged. Odd that you can’t kick people in your own lobby when you’re the host- it was labeled “beginners unite”

Had some good games in there, bueno.

Bump for matchmaking

Although I agree with what you’re saying to a degree, it’s pretty hard to do so in fighting games. In SC2, there are several good metrics that the matchmaking system can use to gauge your ability level and thus place you in a league; it’s possible to win all your placement matches and still be placed in a low league due to having shitty macro, for example.

Fighting games? Not so much.

I think what’s maybe hard about it with Fighting Games is the fact that a new one comes out so often, updated versions of the game are resetting everyone. I think a placement system would be great- let som eplayers start off with 2500 PP, let some start at 0 PP, obviously some poeple will start low just to rack up wins but I think letting players choose their own starting off skill level is a good idea, sort of like DOTA.

I also really wish that instead of “unable to join game” messages it would just keep searching until it found a game to join. I pressed “quick match”, obviously I want to keep looking for a match! If I decide I don’t want to, I can press the cancel button. Having to reconfirm all the time is annoying imo

The only metric important to matchmaking is get this: WINNING.

Seriously, it’s not difficult to make a zero-sum system based on winning/losing with higher early gains and losses. This is probably the most simple, efficient method of matchmaking that should matter.

Unfortunately you have to take into consideration garbage netcode and available playerbase. That’s actually the hardest part of making a good matchmaking system.

I don’t think it’s a matter of the design of the system. The usefulness of a matchmaking system is hugely impacted by the game. If there aren’t people of diverse skill levels looking for games all the time, you’re going to get unfortunate results. Fighting games don’t have the lasting popularity of Starcraft (yet!), and the tolerance for lag is much much lower, so naturally finding good games is an order of magnitude more difficult.

No, it isn’t. That’s not how placement matches work.

edit: To clarify, placement matches affect your mmr in exactly the same way regular matches do. The only difference is that who it matches you with will be different. They try to match you against a diverse group of players for the first 5. The placement match you do at season rollover is just a normal match.

Learn from your losses and reset your battle data in the options when you start feeling insecure about your ratio. With enough practice, you will win consistently. Mvc3 just happens to be far less forgiving than sf4 which probably makes it seem like you’re never going to win.

This. Sadly, there is no single online capable FG that has a large enough and active enough online population to support a league style system like SC2.
Also, because FGs are much more lag-sensitive than RTS, your pool of potential players is also much smaller due to distance.
Finally, the pattern of play is different between the genres. RTS players compete and train by playing online against others. Whereas online has never been taken particularly seriously by competitive FG players. They mostly compete in offline matches and train via training mode.