Wish list for PS2 3s!

Ok guys sum1 posted on the main board that Capcom will port 3s to the ps2!If all goes well and all is true, what do you guys prefer? A perfect arcade port? DC esque conversion?(unblockables removed etc) Balance fix for characters?

New characters? Conquest mode? Parry challenge!hahaha…

Well although it would be cool if u had the option to turn “balance fix” on/off but any1 who takes this game seriously has to want a perfect arcade port right? I just hope capcom doesnt screw this one up…

And if they dont, well my dreamcast will be left only to play Ikaruga. Sorry bro.

What does this have to do with strategy?

an arcade perfect port, with maybe the option of selecting from arcade v1 and arcade v2.

Any extras (not interfering with the main gameplay) are welcome.

arcade perfect
arcade perfect
arcade perfect

…orginal arcade…none of this stupid no-unblockables crap



Wow, $150 for a dreamcast? You can get those things for $30 nowadays.

Nerf the hell out of Chun Li.

Color Edit!!! Color Edit!!!

Though I would like to see true arcade version, I’d still would like it better if they balenced it alittle bit.

Urien: Make his Cr.Frc count as 3 hits for JP. And make the Aegis Reflecter gauge 5 points longer.

Ibuki: Give her more vitality

Sean: Give him 2 more links

Yun: make the Genei Jin run out faster (i think its 8 secs, make it 6 1/2)

Remy: increase stun meter

Q: make him do alittle more damage (he needs some sort of balance)

ChunLi: Lower the priority of her A.Frc, make SA II do alittle less damage

Twelve: alittle more vitality

Yang: 1 more cancel

Dudley: Don’t let that one EX move (I forgot what its called), launch them up, just like the non-EX version

Ken: make SAIII only 2 bars, and make the Sc.Stg to S.Frc unlinkable to the shoryuken.

Just balancing the game more fun. So you don’t go to tournments all the time and 90% of the players are playing either:

Chun-Li SAII

Even though the tournments are machines… that was pointless.

Ya I wonder why Capcom didnt hire u to program their games

Just make that shit arcade perfect, with unblockables of course.

give me 2 seichusan godanzuki’s :evil:

My wishlist for Q

-Make his B+RH normal a trip move (Overhead Rush punch mindgames? :p), and make the whole move cancelable
-Make his dash longer, so it can actually hold charges
-The Claw should be able to chain into a new, bitch, choke move or his bitch slap move
-More new colors - Give him a groove, new, suit that has an array of colors on it. I want really bright colors when playing Q. So bright that I’m distracted when I’m losing matches with him.

I’m probably missing more, but that’s all I got right now.


i hate it when that happens. think you’re doing the internet a favor and just end up feeling stupid.

Damn straight.

But even then, if Capcom DOES release 3S for PS2, I want it arcade perfect. I love 3S as it is, and the only arcade around here that has it is only open during Summer.

Besides, you gotta have an arcade perfect console port. Gotta practice at home for tournaments and such.

coming from a place where there is console tournaments i’d like it to be identical to Dreamcast

Arcade would be decent but console better because only people who play on cosoles are ones who really have to so even if it came out as arcade perfect the arcade players still prefer the arcade. Plus its a real nusaince when like CvS2 on DC then CvS2 on PS2 and you have to adjust all your timing and stuff.

Oh and I’d like it to be 6 buttons and just ignore the others since giving someone one-button throw, one-button uoh, or one-button ex would be crap.

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ROFL i love donkus reply: nerf the hell out of chun li

i agree with him :stuck_out_tongue:

no jonE we dont see you stfu

make it arcade perfect plz plz

Arcade perfect (music).