Wish to make my own fighting game

Art probably will be time consuming but not impossible. What I need to know is how to program the :

  1. A.I.
  2. Input for specials, supers, and such.
  3. How to do super pause/flash.
  4. Hit Boxes.

Any Pseudo code help or links to tutorials would be appreciated, and I will be using XNA. Thanks in advance.

From your post this seems to be a venture that is completely beyond your league. I think the first thing you should probably read is DJames’ blog, it has an interesting entry that is relevant to your interests.

so… basically you need to learn how to program every aspect of a fighting game.

you’re on the fast track to success!

Go to www.garagegames.com and learn to use a program called Torque in conjunction with C++, Python and something called Torque script to make great games for only about 100$ and some strict diligence. All the things you listed you wanted to know about are actually super super easy. It’s the stuff you haven’t even thought about that’s going to challenge you. :tup:

[list][]Go to college doing an arts or programming course.
]Set up a games club & attract all the fighting game players. Make sure to ban Halo.

^ Yeah, you think your little plan has got it covered until everyone who shows up is playing DAT MADDEN.

I can say it like this; you are not going to make it within 2 years.
Dont even consider doing AI within a reasonable timeframe, and absolutely not as a hobby.
If you are really serious about making your own game, start off by learning basic C/C++ programming. Secondly, learn a graphicslibrary. Something like OpenGL or DirectX since they are the biggest.

Start off here (C++) and here (opengl redbook in HTML format).

Heres a short guide to get you going with Dev-cpp and OpenGL.
Start off by downloading the Dev-cpp IDE and install it in a convenient place.
Next up is setting up OpenGL and its not an overly simple task. The thing with OpenGL is that it doesnt have a windowsystem of its own.
So we either write our own (not going to happen) or use one of the freely avaliable ones.

Glfw is a good one as its pretty simple and powerfull enough for us.
Dig out libglfw.a and libglfwdll.a from the rarfile and paste them in you x:\dev-cpp\lib

After that, take the following files and place them in the ‘include’ folder.


And lastly, place glfw.dll in the root directory of your dev-cpp folder. Now the actual configuration begins.
Start a new project and click project -> project options (or press alt-p)
Click the parameters tab and click the add library or object button. Find libglfwdll.a and libglfw.a and add them in that order.
Now you need to include the file glfw.h, which is now in your include folder. Since its in your include folder, you dont need to specify a serachpath for it, simply type

#include <glfw.h>

And youre good to go.

And with all this, you dont even have sound. And you dont have a way to load images into memory either, you need another library for that (SOIL is a good one).
If you are still serious about it after doing all the steps above, ill gladly post more details on how to get started and taking a few steps.

Edit: Oops, kinda forgot the rarfile. Here it is, download it for conveniece.

@ Hsibrad , That’s not every aspect, and the road to sucess can start with desire and interest.
Thanks to the helpful people, but I don’t feel that this “is completely beyond my league” . I already know C++ and C#. I also realize that this is going to be a big commitment and I am prepared for the time and work involved. Actually there will probably be two of us (he just doesn’t know it yet). Thanks for the links Bluebottle.

Since you live in Pensacola I can set you up with all kinds of good info, I havn’t done any programming in a while though and even then it was all in RPG so I couldn’t help unless you wanted it to merge SQL libraries.

Just PM me any info you have. Thanks in advance.

You already know C++? Sweet! This will be interesting. Im off for school right now but ill either PM you or put something up here.