Wishlist for DLC


Here’s a list of characters that should be considered for inclusion as DLC

In my opinion

Musashi - Brave Fencer Musashi
Maximo - Maximo
Nightmare/Kilik - Soul Calibur (Since Heihachi made it, hey what the hell?)
Fank Jaeger - MGS1
Squall - FFVIII
Bub and Bob - Bubble Bobble
Crash and Spyro - Obvious
Chrono - Chrono Cross
Wex - Wild 9 (Cheap)
Gado/Hugo - Bloody Roar
Katamari - Katamari

Since the game has a good amount of not so well known fighters these are some that could be some awesome roster additions

Ignore the poll >.>


Cloud, Sephiroth, Vincent, Sora, Ayla(chrono trigger)


I second Sora. What about Tomba? I think he would be a pretty cool character. And not to try and spark any sort of controversy but MegaMan Vulnutt? I mean Legends 1,2, and Misadventures of Tron Bonne were all on PS1.


Sora would be a fun choice.


A level from Catherine would be cool.


Solid snake or Naked Snake.


Old Snake - Far-ranged and badass while OLD
Samanosuke (Onimusha) - Enough explained,can be similar to Toro,the O button changed his forms (swords) resulting in multiple fighting style. They need more samurais,badass characters,and a super level 3 Oni transformation.
Serah Farron (FF13) - They need a character that is efficient with both far-ranged and closed ranged and female.
Rinoa (FF8) - They need more characters with companionships including far-ranged and female.
Logan (Dead Island) - Throwing blades? Only one who does that is Sweet Tooth and his isn’t even that good,he’s definitely needed,I can imagine his level super 3 throwing blades at people and such.
Fei (Xenogear) - Really good PS1 game,deserves more spotlight,imagine super level 3 with a giant robot,and doing martial arts in shit on people.

The Cathedral (Catherine) - Imagine climbing with the sheep,and the tower breaking,and when it breaks it actually takes away one of your lives on a stock match and such,it’ll be similar to Alden’s tower,climbing up and up and up…
Shadow Moses (MGS) - They need a SNOWY map,and well this place is just really cool…
Fortuna Castle (DMC) - Yay another snowy map,but with scary monsters!


For some reason I want Adam Jensen on here.<br><br>I don’t know why.<br><br>


Squenix would never allow final fantasy characters to enter a game not be squenix themselves. And plus final fantasy has its own fighting game (dissida) so let them stay there. We don’t need more FF characters in anything (as much as i love FF)

On the topic, i don’t think people on the dev team are watching theses forums, sorry guys, but your prayers are going unanswered. Unless you make a lucky guess. For example, the main character from “beyond good and evil” i don’t know her name. She may actually end up in the game. The rest…well good luck