Wishlist for Killer Instinct Season 3: Story, Characters, etc

I know there’s no news about a season 3 for KI yet. Not until we know for sure at E3.

But just until a verdict arrives, what do you all wish for KI having a season 3?

Season 1 characters need an update.

Season 3 characters:
Kim Wu (first release)
Tusk (last release)

All six characters will be new ones.

People have mentioned Halo skins a lot which would make me happy. The list on ultra combo is something like Fulgore+MasterChief; Wulf+Grunt; Glacius+Arbiter; TJCombo+SgtJohnson.

I think it be cool if Thunder could have a skinned Brute head as an accessory instead of the animals.

What about characters? Kim Wu should be the first.

I want Tusk first, but Kim Wu is goint to be 1st. Everyone wants her more.

I want funner things added. I don’t think its possible but i would love a tag and 3v3 team mode. I want stage ultras on every stage. I want finishing moves. How about some kind of MK inspired Towers, somthing like them would be cool.

The other two Battletoads.

You people and your toads!

Besides the rest of the Toads I would love Joanna Dark. :smiley:

I hope we see Caitlyn Jenner

Her instinct mode is to transform back into Bruce Jenner

All I’ve wanted is Eyedol. With footstomps, and club.

They said Season 3 will be launching “much more complete than Season 2” Hopefully this means they just release everyone at once. I might be the minority here, but I hated waiting 4-6 weeks for each character.

It will most likely be like Season 1 where you get 4 to 6 characters at launch, but may have to wait a month or 2 for each character after that. Last Season there was an extremely quick jump from only 3 months of waiting after Season 1 to Season 2 releasing. Yet, because of that you only got one character at launch and had to wait a while for the ones you wanted if they weren’t already there.

We’ll obviously have to wait a while to start playing Season 3 as I’m sure time is being taken to make sure cross play and all the characters they want for launch are ready. Luckily when March does hit we should have a lot of new content already available. Unfortunately around the same time where SFV supposedly launches so hopefully I get a chance to dissect Season 3 a bit before I play SFV for like 3 months straight LOL.

What about Guest characters then? Rash will not be the last … Arbiter would be coffea nice choice if not a costume or that girl off Perfect Dark. I want to see a Kazzoie bag on someone or a Conker plush. I want to see Professor Pester duke it out with Sabrwwulf, convinced he’s a pinata :coffee:

I don’t need more stage finishers, but if they add Ultimates or No Mercies and don’t do a lazy shit job on the animations then I will day one purchase season 3.

I doubt this will happen though. Updating every single character with new assets is more work than IG would be willing to do at this point, especially if they’re going to task their artists with adding more new characters. Should have done it from the beginning.

I think that Rash should be the last, and from the way that IG worded the Rash announcement he is gonna be the last. IIRC, they were basically like “Rash is the guest character for Killer Instinct S3.”

I don’t know exactly what I want, though. Actually, I do. The promos for each character have been great so far, so I want them to keep doing those.

“Though the Rash reveal was crazy in and of itself, some official sources described Killer Instinct season three as having multiple guest characters show up during season three while others didn’t, leading some puzzle over the lack of parity. Fortunately, creative director Adam Isgreen was quick to answer a fan’s question concerning this matter, confirming that the fighting frog won’t be the only cameo in the upcoming season.”

My guess would be that Joanna Dark is the second guest character. Which would be pretty awesome in my opinion.

I’m thinking;

  1. Kim Wu
  2. Tusk
  3. Gargos
  4. Rash
  5. Joanna Dark
  6. Newcommer
  7. Newcommer
  8. Newcommer
  9. Newcommer or Eyedol if he actually makes it.

Ryu should be a Guest Char too :stuck_out_tongue:

My prediction is that Kameo will make a cameo appearance.

I heard arbiter will be coming to KI season 3