Witch costume packs do i need for a fresh SSF4:AE?



I have a brand new version of Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, not having had any of the previous versions… there are so many costume packs. There are so many packs now… I can not tell if they are all diffrent or not… Like are the yall compatibvale with each other? Or do I only get certian ones?

What packs do i need to have all the costumes for Sukura?

It is confusing as there are so many packs…

Complete Alternate Costume pack
Super Complete Alternate Costume pack
Ultra Complete Alternate Costume pack
Aracde Challengers Pack

If I just get them will I be uptodate with everything?


If you’re going for just Sakura, the Femme Fatale pack is all you need.

There are 3 packs.

Complete Femme Fatale Alternate Costume pack
Super Femme Fatale Alternate Costume pack
Ultra Femme Fatale Alternate Costume pack

Complete packs just means all character costumes, which is obvious because of the much higher price.

Since you’re only looking for Sakura, the arcade edition pack is irrelevant to you, as it only gives E.Ryu, Oni, Yun, Yang costumes.


Are you getting it for the PS3 or Xbox? I don’t mind sharing the costume packs with you if you are getting it for the PS3:)


Only the new characters have new costumes. Not really worth it either, though I tend to get extremely bored at times. Nothing truly exquisite.


I am .43 short of the amount needed to buy Sakura’s super costume. Yet PSN won’t let me add the .43, they want me to add $5 minimum. :-/


LOL at the thread title… Now I need to see Sakura in a witch costume…

had my girl whip this up real quick… check out the pointy toed chucks :lol:


Witch costume packs? Lili’s Alt 2 in SF x Tekken then.





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What they said. The separate packs have the description of which characters are included too. I bought the first two whole packs on the PS3, then when I got a 360, I didn’t buy any. I didn’t feel like re-buying costumes on top of already rebuying almost every SF game. Now my Xbox play is srs business cause I have no troll costume colors. :frowning:


You only need the Ultra one, sundress > all


It’s hot-fire. It’s like the Kings in the playoffs. It’s like the Thunder in Round 2. It’s like Tim Duncan.


The sundress is my favourite alt costume!

Although I prefer her original in colour 5 (Irish colours!)


It legitimately throws my game off if I end up on a console with only stock colors lol, my preference in order is:

  1. alt 3 color 8
  2. alt 1 color 5
  3. default color 6
  4. go find a different xbox


1.Alt 1 color 10 all day.
2.Alt 2 pretty much any color.
3.Alt 3 color 8

Sucks I only have them on PSN as well… :frowning: