Witch street fighter is most like carl winslow


has anyone watch steve urkil. family matters has the black nerd.well black people sure are funny especialy carl windlow the dad of the winslow family who live nextt oo steve.fav cos hes the dad.a police oficer who even tho is mean too steve is a hero.a nice man too him so i think if car has the siren’s can you get car,is mny fav stret fighter.I want too be carl in this game







One of the best thread titles ever, btw. :cool:

I lol’d at your website.


waste of forum space but, I laughed


I don’t know what to make of things like these…


Holy crap this made me laugh


I just looked at your website.

What the fuck is wrong with you.


Leprosy Snacks. Is that you in your avitar? If so, I think you are very handsome.


i chortled

yo this guys website is severely unsettling. what the fuck


$10 says he is married to his cousin


You might get your own tv show now


i leik ur dwg.


What snacks do you make?

And Rufus is the closest to Winslow.


what? really? where did that come from?

shit if you really want me to make some food I can do potstickers/gyoza, lumpia, buffalo mozzarella sticks… why? are you interested in hanging out with me IRL? i would be too, don’t blame you. i am pretty amazing. too bad though you can’t hang out with me



TYPO my bad! ment to type dawg.


Im a little biased, I preferred [media=youtube]AiUU0F81yYE[/media]

Someone should edit seth to look like steve urkel.


Can you do hash brownies.