With $140 bucks. How should i handle getting a new stick?

Ok so right now I’m sittin on this Tekken 6 hori which is so wack. It works but i need an upgrade. I’ve got 140 bucks. Now there are tons of choices for me. round 1 te, se (then mod), round 2 te, ssfiv te, hori sticks. So i was wondering what you guys think would be the most beneficial and would fit my budget. ALSO NOTE : I want to buy a memory card for my camera so I’d like to have 20 bucks leftover. So my real fightstick budget is 120. Now i don’t mind the labor of modding a stick, as a matter of fact if it were to come down to that I’d love to customize the art as well. I really don’t like the shape of an SE because it’s kind of small, perimeter wise. But keeping all of that in mind, with my $120 how should i approach getting a new stick?

i’d suggest hunting for those deals on the rd1 or rd2 TE’s for 100$ or less. you can get a used one for like 80

You just missed out on the $100 TE’s on the gamesharkstore. Where where you with that $120 last week and the week of EVO? If you wait for a sale, the price on them goes to $100 periodically.

TEs are $100 if you look around

Wow man, you just missed the Sale that ended seven minutes after your Post. :sad:

Yes, I saw those deals, just today when it was too late. Trust, if I saw that ahead of time I would’ve been on that so quick. But what could I do for the time being? I really don’t want to use this Tekken stick any longer.

You’re in San Diego?

Better get a TE or Markman will hunt you down!

lol wut?

It’s okay, I won’t hunt you down.

I’m going to have another online sale next weekend.

When do we europeans get sales too? :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure someone was selling their TE for 80 shipped in the trading section. I don’t remember who it was though.

Wouldn’t go for the used stuff. If Mark says there’s another sale, you’re going to get yourself a good deal! And you’ll have plenty left over to get some plexi and custom art ;D

jalenp69, pm sent.

You can easily find a TE for sub 100 dollars. Then use the rest for BlazBlue or, I dunno, a case of beer.

I was gonna buy another Round 2 TE using the online super deal, but I ran into a $100 TE-S at the fry’s in san marcos. Sweet deal, though the box looks like it’s been tossed around =/


as for the rest if Markman will have another sale soon its $108 total with shipping to cali for a TE round 2 and takes bout 3 days from nevada if your willing to wait…


TE sale next week. I’m bout to get another one

oh cool. think you could pm me or reply to this when the sale is up? thanks.

No. Just watch the forums, he’ll put it up.