With all the RS craze : what is daigo's 10 commandment of a men?

this thread is all about Gedo HS’ big boss and the elder brother of akira kazama, Daigo kazama .

yep … this is what i found in his trivia page at RSnetwork . daigo carries around a notebook to write down what he encounter and wrote the remarks about what he learnt in the day . a typical philosophy and moral guy .

yeah daigo kazama , the Man Of The Men . he is still trying to finish up the list .
so…Gentlemen , what do you think are the 10 commandements of a men ?

1 of the thing i’ve thought he might funnily came up , " real man eats cheese cake " :smiley: !
yup daigo loves cheese cake , specially made by his sister .

The reason no one in Gedo knew Akira was a girl was because Daigo never told them he had a sister. The reason why Daigo never told them he had a sister is because secretly at home she’s the one who wears the pants in the family.

AKIRA: (Sitting on the couch and watching West Side Story on TV while drinking beer. She’s wearing a tank top and has boxer shorts on, with one hand down the shorts Al Bundy style) Diago, get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich BEEYATCH!

DAIGO: But Akira, me and my crew have a gang war going on…

AKIRA: (Slams her can of bear on the coffee table next to the couch…)

DAIGO: Alright alright, I’m going I’m going!

AKIRA: (Sings to lyrics of West Side Story…) Life is alright in America, if you can fight in America, life is alright in America… BURP!

She keeps him on a leesh via threats of cheesecake withdrawal should he dare to oppose her.

is Daigo and Akira Kazama releated to Jin and Asuka Kazama??

damn straight no :rofl: .

after the RS1 incident , can’t believe she studies in a boy’s school for 1 year , by just wearing helmet and suit .