With all the stuff Capcom went through to change Bison's name--

does Mike Tyson even know there was a SF2 boxer modeled after him? Hell, has he even ever played a SF game???

I would be surprised if he didn’t.
The better question would be who hasn’t played sf in there life time period?
Most people know exactly what you are talking about if you say hadouken.

While Tyson may not have known a character was based off him, likely his lawyers (or whoever handles his franchise) does.

Uh… no. I’m 18 and of my non-fighting game fans maybe 1/3 or 1/4 knows what street fighter is.

Fan: "Yo Tyson, didcha know they made a video game character based on you? Heck he even looks a lot like ya!"
Tyson: "What?! Which game?"
Fan: "Street Fighter"
Tyson: "…and when was this?"
Fan: "Some 10-15 years ago"
Tyson: “WTFOMGBBQ!!!11111…/////?”

tyson is about as intelligent as a person who isn’t very intelligent.

Where I am, it seems that almost everyone at least knows what Street Fighter is. I’ll be sitting in my dorm room playing 3S and people will always walk by and say stuff like, “Whoa, Street Fighter! I remember playing this on [SNES, Genesis, arcade.]” These people are still complete scrubs who really don’t know anything specific about Street FIghter, and I’m not even about to try to explain to them how this isn’t the same game they played, but they at least know what Street Fighter is.

lol i think younger people don’t know… i mean… i’m 20 and i’m noticing most people younger than me didn’t have a super nintendo or a genesis…

a lot of the kids nowadays didn’t go to the arcades when they were little and their first console mighta been the PS or something…


most girls don’t know what i’m talking about… DDR is the only game in the arcade to them

I always thought the name change was paranoid and unnecessary.

Vega, the star that is set to destroy our planet sometime in the far future is a much better name for Psycho Power Bison. Although the American names aren’t bad, it’s just that the M before Bison doesn’t make a lot of sense. No self-respecting dictator would ever want to be called ‘Mike’.

I’m sure Mike Tyson knows about SF2, but him knowing that Balrog’s name is Mike Bison in Japan is another matter. Even if he did, he’s sort of broke now and wouldn’t be able to sue Capcom, big companies can throw money to cases like this and drag these things out for years until Tyson is really broke and spends too much money. But let’s say in some magical land that he could sue Capcom, they didn’t call him Mike Tyson, they can get away with it if they call it parody if it really went to trail. People don’t seem to quick to sue Japan over stuff like this otherwise the creator of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure would be in jail…

Which is why it doesn’t stand for Mike in the American version.

The thing is, they should have Balrog to have Mike Tyson epic quotes. All about praising allah and eating his opponents’ hearts.


Exactly… which is why the name was changed by Capcom US. Americans sue over everything.

What was with Jojo’s BA?

yea what is

u live under a rock?

More like SF isn’t as popular as a lot of people make it out to be. Because 90% of you SF fanboys are conceited fucks who believe SF is the be all and end all of life. I’m simply trying to argue it’s not that popular.

Off the top of my head -

Kujo Jotaro - Name came from Cujo of the Stephen King Movie
Abdul - Name came from Paula Abdul
Iggy - From Iggy Pop
Mariah - Mariah Carey
Lisa Lisa - Lisa Lisa
Vanilla Ice - Vanilla Ice

And there’s plenty more, these are the ones I remember. For us in the Capcom game, Abdul became Avdol, Mariah became Marariah, Vanilla Ice became Iced.

Avdol was called Avdol in the Japanese version of the game though. It’s a phonetic thing, Avdol doesn’t make too much sense in English but they kept it anyway. When they started subbing/dubbing the series they kept Avdol when they didn’t have to(or they had to because of rights, they said they decided to keep the names so it can coincide with the game or as they dubbed ‘other merchandise’).

Let Marvel call a Super Heroine Britney Spears without getting the rights from her and see what happens. :rofl:


Well Capcom never officially stated what the M in Bison stands for in America. Some people speculate it’s Mister, Major and even Mike. Personally I find ‘Master’ to be the most befitting.

Major Bison seems more fitting with the U.S. "M’ to me. I’m sure anything that has a down forward move is mostly referred to as hadouken. "How do you do rugal’s super ? " “Do a double hadouken with a kick.”