With character picking, are you linear and focused, or spread out and more balanced?

Okay, that might’ve not made sense.

For example, say you like 3s. Do you almost always pick Ryu or Urien, and just them, or are you better with a wider range of characters, but possibly not as good, as if you stuck with less characters?

My problem is I play way too many different characters, and while I get pretty good and very well-balanced (it does have its ups and downs), I’m generally not good enough with one single character. I think it has something to do with my attention span. :lol:

Since I already mentioned 3s, I play just about everybody except Chun, Alex, Yun, Elena, and Sean. I can still kind of play all these characters, but I don’t really like to, amazingly. It’s an improvement, though, because I used to play everyone. :lol:

Of course, this is all just casual play, but I still think I should focus more, haha. :karate:

Yeah I know what you mean. When I practice or play other people, I hardly ever stick to one or a few characters. If I’m playing someone I almost always use everyone to some extent.

But yeah, I’m pretty much in the same boat as you. I practice techniques with one person, then another and then another. I hardly ever hammer one character untill I’m happy. I always vary across the cast. I like to use Ibuki, Urien, Hugo, Ryu, Ken, Alex, Chun-Li, Yun, Yang, Oro , Dudley, maybe a couple more. But I never put my concentration into one character.

My best character is probably chun-Li based on win ratio, but that doesn’t really count as almost anyone can pick Chun-Li up and be effective with her. Besides her it’s either Yun or Ken, but I should really just pick one character and learn everything. Instead of learning Gheni-Jin with Yun, then kara-srk with Ken, then juggles with Oro, then kara-throw with chun and so on.

People who like to win tend to go for the tried and true… for what they know. People who like the gaming experience tend to play more varied characters, because it is difficult to get that experience using the same characters because there are always interesting things to be learned by those interested.

I like both so I tend to pick 3 to 4 characters that I devote to learning at the very beginning, beat them to death then use them in tournaments. After I have learned them to the best of my ability I use the most popular characters to learn how to fight against them. After all that I just play random characters, leaving my team for serious play only. Often this way I pick up new characters I like.

Always mix it up. Of course there are certain characters that I am better using but, I need variety.

I choose many different characters and Ive been told that I should at least just choose 2.

The problem with choosing alot Ive noticed is your skill in other characters goes down. And you have to re learn them.

Sup SRK, been gone for a long time but now I’m back. I play with a lot a different characters. Not only does it give you more options, but you can play better against a character if you know how to play with that character.:karate:

Depends on the game. I’ve never played MSP/MSS in the arcade ever. I’ve just stuck to S/D.

In 3s, I learned Yang and Yun, but they have some things in common. If I’m bored, anything is fair game.

if by spread out and balanced you mean always solely picking top tier characters like sentinel, then yes i’m balanced

I usually stick to a few chars & get used to them, before moving onto new chars. It all depends how long i’ve been into the game for really.

I like to start out picking characters that seem cool to me or my favorites. Later through experimentation I discover which ones I want to dedicate my time to mastering or getting a better grip of.

I’m not talented so I can only really play Dizzy in GGXX#R. I have two subs that I dabble with: Ky and Potemkin.

I picked up Potemkin because he is a really poor character to play against Dizzy, so I sort of became curious in how it would feel like to be a polar opposite of your main char. Wonder if anybody else has taken this approach?

for me, it depends on the game

in cvs2, i use k groove, but i can also use C and A and i use a lot of characters, but i’m a lot better with certain ones.
in mvc2, i mostly use cable, sent, or strider/doom, but i can use mags or spiral.
in 3s, yang and yun. ken if i want.
in ssbm, marth and fox. roy also, but i’m not as good with him (since he sucks and all)
ggxx, chipp and bridget

so i pretty much keep 2 or 3 main teams/characters, but 1 extra just in case i need to use them.

I don’t think that one implies the other, that picking fewer characters means you are more focused, or that playing many characters gives you balance.

I think its helpful to at least know what every character does, but you can only play one character at a time in a tournament, so usually the goal is to learn how to win every possible matchup with as few characters as nessecary. If you like the game you can learn a whole bunch of fun stuff too i guess.

I always pick Ken in 3s and my team will always have Vega (claw) in CvS2.

I’ll pick Akuma, Chun-Li, or Yun for fun sometimes though.

I tend to play wide range in 3s, but if it’s too close to call, I usually play a Shoto.

I love to switch it up. Playing the same character(s) over and over again is dull both for you and your opponent, in my opinion. As far as team games are considered, i.e. KOF, I tend to pick at least one character I am very familiar with, sometimes two, and then try and choose at least one person I seldom play to mix things up.

At the same time though I pick characters I’m good with more often when I’m mixing around, simply because it can make for much more tense bouts. Always switch up, but never hesitate to play your best, because that makes for the memorable matches.

If it dragon punches, I’m on it like white on rice. It’s like crack, it has been that way since 4th grade. Despite this, I still suck.

In 2d games I go with who I like, and barring that, I go with the playstyle I like. In 3d I have this hardon for chars that mimic everyone in the game. =/ Can’t explain it.

So yeah, primarily grapplers, pre-3S Sean, Kim and Jhun from KOF, and Mokujin in Tekken. I usually don’t deviate from this.

In pretty much every game that I play, I have one character (or team) that I focus on playing. While I usually at the very least learn the other characters enough to know what they’re capable of, I never really focus on other characters once I’ve got the one I know that I’m going to play hammered down.

pretty narrow.
A3: V-Akuma, V-Charles, A-Ryu
3S: Dudley, Oro, Ken
ST: Old Ryu
GGXX#r: Sol, Faust

i have this thing for characters that have timing-intensive tricks to master, like V-Akuma’s otg demon flip VCs and cancelling the hopkick, Dudley’s machine gun juggles/rocket uppercut exhibition combos, and Sol’s dust loops. i usually keep just one other character in reserve not to get too bored.