With HRAP2, what is the best way to handle extra wires upon modding?

Does one need to secure the L1 and L2 buttons’ wires in any specific manner? (It being understood that I’m plugging the holes.)

Would their merely being taped to the bottom of the board be good enough, or would that lead to problems/damage?

I use a glue gun over all pcb connections. Holds like a charm. If you need to splice the wire later, they sell these little green/yellow/red telesplice buttons that you simply slide 2 wires into and press the button down. Simple easy and simple. Holla. :lovin:



So, do you mean to say that you glue over the actual metal connectors at the ends of the wires?

Is this to prevent electrical problems, or am I misunderstanding and it’s just for fastening?

jabhadouken = -(electrical engineering skills)

I was dumb enough to just tape the wires from L1 and L2 to the case, which meant my stick didn’t work.
Afterwards I put the buttons back on the disconnects and taped them inside my HRAP, worked like a charm. (Newb solution 101)



So the stick itself won’t work at all unless the quick connects for the unused L1 and L2 buttons are actually connected to buttons?

That is strange.

Is it a design thing (i.e. just 'cause they arbitrarily rigged it that way), or is there a good reason for it?

Do your L1 and L2 still work after having been “dumb” and taped them?

I wouldn’t call you dumb for it, personally. It OUGHT to work, lol.

If you want to leave the disconnects on (recommended), just wrap them individually in electrical tape so they dont touch eachother or anything else. You can tape them to the case so they wont move around if you want. That a way, if you end up having to use them later, you just remove the electrical tape. This is exactly what I did with my HRAP2.


Yeah, that’s exactly what I meant.

Thank you, man - 'preciate it.