With regards to the godsgarden/evo event in japan...and an idea for next year

So assuming this event in japan is a large success, which i’m assuming it will be, i had an idea for next year and well every year there after.

Perhaps in both japan and vegas there is a pre event for both sides of the world…a qualifier for u will for a final event. The top however many seeds earn their way to the finals. Hold the finals in vegas one year, somewhere in japan the next? Im sure it would draw out a larger world scene and get others to travel to both events potentially or even just draw out more people to one event or the other due to a closer location…a country such as australia i’m more then sure would have several people traveling to japan for their event as it is cheaper. As far as i know i have not seen or heard of any australian players heading to evo although i could be wrong. good idea? bad?

apparently this is a bad idea and people are just too polite to say anything:P