With SFIV out now, is Third Strike going to die?

With SFIV out now I wonder if Third Strike is about to die now. Its been out for almost ten years now and in those nine and whatever years we found out what a dynamic and technical game it can be. For some people it can be too technical and for that reason that’s why a lot of people stayed away from it.

I myself am a Street Fighter fanatic, I like all the street fighters, particularly Super Turbo and Alpha 3. Even though it was super popular when it first came out, Alpha 3 is dead and I know many people will disagree but Super Turbo is dead as well.

Marvel 2 and Third is the only fighting games left in arcades now and with the advent of part 4 I wonder if Third is finally dead or dying. A lot of people want that to happen. I myself think it is the best fighting game ever made.

I played part 4 and I like it but to me all it is, is a 2.5D version of Super Turbo. The same Guile tricks for the past 20 years still work. To me part 4 feels like a regression. It seems with this game, Capcom took a step back and made it more user friendly for the casual/new players. The gameplay (so far I could be wrong) is almost exactly like Super Turbo. Maybe even like World Warrior since Guile is still the dominate character he was almost 20 years ago. Unlike Third Strike, which was a totally different game from SF2, part 4 is more of the same. Which is not a bad thing. Its just that it basically means that the gameplay is not evolving.

For my taste I want something complicated and sophisticated, which Third Strike is and not just another “dolled up” version of SF2.

To hopefully better explain (or further complicated) the difference between part 4 and Third Strike I will use the analogy of movies.

Part 4 is like the “blockbuster”, accessable to the masses and easy to understand. While Third Strike is like the “art film”, hard to understand at first but once you get a grasp of it, it keeps getting richer and richer.

I think making part 4 easy to understand was totally about making money on Capcom’s part. Because the arcade scene isn’t like what it use to be, I don’t think people can invest the time to learn a deep fighting game. And Capcom knows it.

So when you play SFIV a lot of people already know 50% of how to play the game before they play it. Maybe even more so. Unlike when you first play Third Strike, the same tricks work when you play SFIV for the first time.


theres a 50% chance