Withdrawing paypal funds to cc

according to the help page i can do it-

but when i go to withdraw there is no bank card option. when i call it doesn’t ring. wtf!? i’m sure as hell not paying $1.50 and waiting 2 weeks for a check.

anybody know what to do?

Maybe they got rid of the feature cause no one was using it (I’ve never seen it myself). Withdrawing into a CC takes 5-7 days and cost $5.00 btw.

When you say bank card, do you mean a debit card attached to a bank account? If so, set up the bank account information. If its a credit card through a bank, then set it up as a credit card.

i mean a regular credit card

Does it take time to trans from paypal to the debit card that you have listed on the account? For example, if my G/F trans money from her paypal acct to mine, can I access it from my debit card instantly or do I have to wait?

like 2-3 days.