Within: That tablet fighting game/card game thing


You may have seen this game before, with adverts being shown at various tournaments.

If it were a PC game, I might try it, but I have no tablet.

So uh, discuss/poo poo on the inclusion of gameplay customization/being a mobile game.

My favorite thing about this game so far:


The first true competitive fighting game for tablet devices is where you take the tablet and smash it over someone’s head


This is a very neat concept, hopefully it’ll receive some support. As someone who likes TCG’s, I’m looking forward to this.


I find it funny how much this guy looks like John Videogames.

What makes it even funnier is that they’re both promising pretty much the same thing.




LOL no.


Every touhou fighting game after IaMP (1st) had it. And that idea sucked.


I honestly think the only good thing with this game is just the control scheme.


Yea… I don’t think the control scheme is that great. It looks okay at a basic level, like with punches and kicks… but once you get into swiping and having to move your fingers all over different parts of the screen it looks messy.

I remember when they demo’d this game a few years ago. It’s pretty laughable. The character design, premise and concept are just bad. I wish them luck, but the only entertainment I expect to get from this is comedic relief. If you haven’t seen their trailer, you should watch it. The dialogue they give this girl doing a really bad southern accent is cringe-worthy.


Hey folks,
it’s Gian Paolo from DESTINYbit. I wanted to post a few things about the game and address some of the stuff that has been posted here.

The Kickstarter campaign wasn’t succesfull and it’s gonna be taken down today. We’ll post a farewell and thank you video as well as a few notes on the game’s future.

In case it wasn’t clear I’m gonna say it again. DESTINYbit is a very small indie studio and so far Within has been funded 100% out of pocket. We’re trying to do the best job we can on this game and we started showing the game very soon in the development cycle to gather as much feedback as possible.

Gameplay debuted at VxG 2013. To us, that was a very early build mainly to show the control scheme and to announce the project. The game grew immensely since we first shown it. We are (some would say foolishly) trying to write a love letter to the FGC with this game and it was crucial for us to gather as much feedback as possible, especially from top players… even if that meant spending over three thousand dollars on the VxG travel. To us, gather top player feedback was even more important than announcing the game on stream. PR Balrog, Dieminion, Yipes, Gootecks, Mike Ross, FChamp, Marq Teddy, Ryan Hart, Luffy, Rip, LI Joe, SweetJohnnyCage and more tried the game and gave us their impressions and feedback. Even well known people from Capcom tried it and gave us their opinion on it.

The game was really well received, especially the control system which we think must be tried in order to be fully appreciated. But after VxG we thought we could improve a lot of stuff based on the feedback we got and so we went back to the drawing board.
We changed the jump system on tablets from tap-based to swipe-based, 95% of the animations on Liam have been redone and many of his moves have been changed, we switched from a very fast 3rd Strike-esque kind of gameplay to a slightly slower kind of gameplay more in line with other modern fighting game. We introduced a chain-based combo system, overhauled our camera, UI, and character customisation system with two additional type of cards and new meter management system. We re-did all of the VFX, improved our netcode, redone the two stages and introduced one more character, plus a lot of other changes.


The game grew a lot since then and we had plans to make it even better before release and not just adding more characters and stages.
We want to add support for smartphones, android and third party controllers because that’s what we’ve been asked to do by the players.

Since we don’t have the marketing money of a big studio and since we’re doing something very innovative in a lot of ways, we thought that announcing the game early and showing it as much as possible would be the best thing for development and for us.

The game was much better received outside of the FGC than inside of it. We got some really good press and lots of people are looking forward to it.
I must admit however that we did a lot of mistakes on presenting the game to the public. People that try it have a lot of great things to say, unlike people that see it on the web. The weirdest thing for me is receiving a lot of compliments about the graphics from people that try it and harsh criticism about it on the internet. It’s a sign that we’re making mistakes in presenting the game.

The biggest criticism, above anything else, we got from the FGC could be summed up with “It’s on mobile, pack it up”. We realized lots of people in the FGC are not mobile gamers and/or biased towards mobile games and tend to diss the project because of it. People also tend to forget that mobile is pretty different from PC/Consoles and there are huge technical limitations that we have to work with. Getting 60fps on mobile with a decent graphic quality is an achievement in it of itself. Sure, there’s a lot that we can do to improve the graphic quality of the game but we’re always going to bump into limitations from the platform and/or the engine we’re using.

That’s usually accompanied by “but I’d give it a chance on PC”. When we started developing Within, a year and a half ago, things were pretty different in the mobile scene and the PC scene. Making a good PC fighting game is a totally different task and also we feel like going on PC means going into direct competition with other bigger fighting games and we want to avoid that. Within started because we came up with the idea for a tablet input system that would allow a competitive fighting game to be played on the go. Within, as a project, is destined to stay on mobile for now.

This unfortunately means that we cannot let everybody try the game like we’d like to. We chose a free to play model because once the game is out, we want EVERYBODY to play it and give it a chance.

I answered a lot of questions and presented the project on Dacidbro’s stream a while ago. Hopefully it will show you guys that the project has a lot of potential and our hearts are in the right place. - twitch.tv/dacidbro/c/4295618

We knew a Kickstarter campaign for a project like Within was very risky and there are two reasons for it: we’re on mobile and we’re free to play. The Kickstarter crowd has been historically allergic to mobile-only and F2P titles. But we HAD to try to keep the project going and keep it independent. After the first few days of campaign we knew we wouldn’t reach the goal and as you might imagine, this was pretty depressing for us.
I myself tried to get the FGC on board as much as possible but the “stream monster” part of it rejected the project completely. I answered questions on Reddit and tried to get the game featured on FGC websites with no success. Mistakes were made along the way but it’s still sad to see that we made the game for this community and this community so far, rejected it.

So, what happens now?
The short answer is the game will reach version 0.2 and then the project will be halted until we find a publisher or additional funding.

We’ll finish working on our second character, Alexandra, and do some additional work on the current version to wrap up version 0.2. It’s sad to freeze the project after so much work has been done but we just don’t have the funds to finish it ourselves. We’ve already been approached by some publishers so things don’t look as bad but nothing is set yet. Also, getting a publisher involved often means that the original vision is lost in favor of business decisions. We want to keep this game free to play and not pay to win… but who knows what requests a publisher might have.

After version 0.2 is wrapped we’ll move onto other projects, waiting for funding.

Oh wow, were is this from?

Yeah, no. Unlike other KS campaigns (not necessarily other fighting games on KS) we actually have a working game with so much stuff already done. We were seeking funding to add 6 more character and stages basically.

But Josh, you and Within go back a long way and it’s always funny/depressing to see you chime in on the project. I’m sure you’re happy about what you’re reading.

I didn’t knew about those games but after checking them out… they just have cards. We implement the idea of collectible cards in a totally different way. If that idea sucked it doesn’t necessarily mean that ours will as well. Here’s more on the subject: whatlieswithin.me/customization/

Unfortunately, until you get your hands on the game it’s hard to tell you that you’re wrong. If you have an iPad 2+ I’d happily send you a build so you can tell me what you thing. Also, don’t forget we’re adding other input methods and support for 3rd party controllers.

About the trailer: We had less than a week to make it and we had to find a VO actress with a southern accent in a hurry. We’re also unhappy about it but we literally didn’t had any more time to go back and find another.

Anyway, we want to sincerely thank everybody for the interest shown in the project and every single comment left here or elsewhere. We’re just a bunch of people trying to make a fighting game and we’re doing the best we can. Hopefully this is not the end for the project and someday you’ll be able to play this on your phone or your tablet.


tl;dr: we didn’t make it! The project will be halted while we seek for a publisher, thank you everybody for the support!


Well man, I just call things as I see them, you know. If I think it’s a bad idea (and man, do I ever think this game is a fucking bad idea) then I’m not gonna pull my punches. I’m being very honest and forthright here when I say I find this game’s concept utterly absurd.

With that said, I’m legitimately sorry you didn’t make your funding goal. Yes, I did have a chuckle when I saw that you cancelled it, but I still feel a little bad for you guys. As ridiculous and simply hilarious as I find the game to be, and despite all the fun I’ve had poking at your gameplay videos, I think it’s a bummer to see you guys pour out your hearts like this and still get ignored. It’s clear you invested a fair amount of thought and effort into this, however lackluster your execution was. May you have better luck finding a publisher and hopefully polishing this thing into something less… ghastly.

If it’s any consolation, I’m also gonna be on kickstarter with my fighting game eventually, so maybe you can have a spiteful chuckle at my expense if/when I fail to meet my goal.