Wizard Magazine - Swan Song

SCOOP: Wizard Magazine & Toyfare To Close Immediately (UPDATE)

Now this is an end of an era. I am receiving multiple confirmations from across the industry, through none yet from Wizard?s higher ups and PR people yet, that Wizard: The Guide To Comics, the magazine that covered the mainstream comics industry for twenty years and created all manner of careers in the process has closed, effective immediately. Or at least the print version has.
Almost all Wizard magazine staff have been laid off, and all freelance engagements cancelled.
Sister magazine Toyfare, covering the toy market, has not been affected, nor have the Wizard comic conventions.
Created by Gareb Shamus and Stephen Shamus in 1991, the magazine carved a niche for itself covering the most commercial comics in the most aggressive fashion. At one point it regularly sold more than the comics it covered. But sales have declined of late, as the internet has grown in prominence and favour for this kind of news. For many Wizard is no longer the news breaker and agenda setter of the comics industry it once was. And people still have issues with the tone it has taken over the years. Even though it?s arguable that the last couple of years have seen some of the best Wizard content since it started.
But right now it?s time to bury that pointy hat?


**Remembering Wizard Magazine **

                                       *To many of us, Wizard Magazine nurtured the geek in us all. A salute to the great fan mag*             
                                       *Well today the web lit up with the news that long time geek magazine, Wizard, was closing publication immediately. Some website state that sister magazine, Toyfare, will still be around while other rumors swirl that Toyfare will suffer the same fate as Wizard. Personally, I took this as pretty damn depressing news since I've been reading both publications since the fourth grade, but I'm also surprised that Wizard has lasted as long as it has seeing how the ever growing internet had definitely weakened the magazine, seeing how we all have plenty of websites to go to for our toy and comic news. 

I think it’s safe to say that I wouldn’t be the fan that I am today without Wizard Magazine. As a kid, I had a small interest in comics but really lived for action figures and had built up a pretty massive collection of any superhero toy I could find. Then one day my dad brought home an issue of Toyfare, figuring an action figure fanatic like me would like it. I haven’t missed an issue since.

Soon I found out that Toyfare had an sister mag called Wizard, and I soon picked up an issue of that. As a kid, Wizard didn’t interest me as much because it didn’t have the sweet toys like Toyfare, but as I got older and my interest in toys faded, I started liking Wizard more and more.

I had a few comic books but didn’t even begin to know how to collect them, which ones to read, what monthly series were the best, etc. Wizard gave me a great jumping off point by introducing me to creators like Frank Miller, Jeph Loeb, Chris Claremont, etc. If Wizard praised a certain graphic novel or storyline I would immediately run out and read it. In no time I had built up a massive store of geek knowledge, I became a sort of go to guy for my friends if they needed any geek knowledge. I could always count on Wizard to recommend what series to check out and for the latest news on my real love: comic book movies.

I ended up graduating high school and went off to college and sadly didn’t have the time or money to keep with with comics, so Wizard became my life line into what was happening in DC or Marvel. It kept me a fan during a very busy and hectic four years and I could always depend on it for a good scoop or a good laugh. Now as I look back, I can see how much Wizard evolved, from a publication dedicated to strictly comics to a magazine dedicated to all facets of geek culture. In whatever form, I always looked forward to picking it up every month to see what was happening in the world of comics

But as Captain Kirk said in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan,“But it should be noted that this death takes place in the shadow of new life”.

All is not lost as Wizard will continue as a online publication, and as we all know, death in comic books never lasts. Perhaps one day, we will see Wizard make a surprise comeback on comic book shelves everywhere.* *DISCLAIMER: This article was submitted by a volunteer contributor who has agreed to our code of conduct. ComicBookMovie.com is protected from liability under “safe harbor” provisions and will disable users who knowingly commit plagiarism, piracy or copyright infringement. For expeditious removal of copyrighted material, contact us HERE.

*That’s all folks. I read this magazine when I was a teenager. It’s no EGM or Gamefan but still sad to see another magazine from my younger days gone.

The magazine has not been relevant in YEARS. Surprised it didn’t go sooner.

It had it’s moments & it didn’t have it’s moments.I hate to see it go though

I hope the last issue has Wolverine and Batman on it.

Hate much?

Wizard did great things for us, like killing the comic economy - don’t front.

As I see it.

can you elaborate on that?

lol wizard had noooothing to do with that. many factors helped kill the comic industry and yes the ecomony in the current state is a big reason. when the country starts hurting…things like comics are the first to be hurt since people dont wanna use that spare cash they got on comics.

i stopped reading wizard in 2000ish. and from the way it sounds like i got out just in time…i literally have boxes of it. the first time i read wizard was probably in 95. i found a box of wizard magazines and was hooked…it def fed my want to be apart of this industry. Which is why im fighting hard to find an in, into the industry. wizard was my plug into this comic world…plus it had fucking fabulous art lessons in it. i really wish they’d compile all the comic art lessons over the years.

I used to get Wizard religiously, from '98-2006, but there’s been a steady decline since then. After buying sporadically since 2006 and being disappointed nearly every time I did, I gave up on it last year. Looked at the then current issue a few months ago, looked to be about 80 pages with movie news dominating the cover. I’m sad to see it go, but I mourn the Wizard I remember, not the one it has become.

I used to get it religiouly also.I enjoyed reading about the comic artists who passed away & things of that nature.It really started going downhill when they started focusing on movies & less about comics.Prime example:they were supposed to have done an in depth coverage of the Red Lantern storyline & it was only one page whereas Lost was like damn near 10 pages.I agree with you about mourning the old Wizard,the current sucks ass

No needed a magazine that covered news on a monthly basis when you got dozens of websites that can do it better and faster.

this is just like when EGM died. expect wizard to stay around in some form and possibly come back in print if fan demand is high enough.

say what you will about the internet killing the magazine format, but I’d much rather take a magazine with me to read on the toilet than a laptop.

Haven’t read Wizard, Toyfare, or Inquest in years. Those were the days…

didnt they also have an anime version too?

Wizard brought me back a lot of memories!

That’s how I heard of comics such as Battle Chasers, Gen 13, and Deadpool.

It was the first time I heard of Magic The Gathering when that got first released!

Those were the years.

haha cliffhanger comics were sooooo good.

Oh yeah, I remember that specific cliffhanger lol.

lol meant the comic company that did dangergirl,battlechasers, and crimson

Oh that’s right lol!

Damn, its been a while since I read those comics.

Good times, well not the cliffhanger parts lol!

Wait, so the title says that ToyFare is dead but the summary says it’s not affected? edit: but further articles say that toyfare is dead too…

I’ve subscribed to that since the winter special or whatever way back when. Not always great, but usually amusing.

edit: yup, toyfare is dead:

I will miss the Mort Of The Month.