Wizard rocket - blast off into request thread

okay it is the time of summer when all the rockets are free and have nothing to do so i take requests for avatars only please hehehe i made my own*******(okay since i started this thread i had an avatar made by hYbrid illuzionz so my YANG afatar isnt mine!!!) and i can make yours too hehehe i will place completed avatars on first post okay okay see you oh yeah put request here!

rocket pickups :

-tonbarry (its final fantasy 12 themed hehehe :wink: :



http://spacebasic.net/wizardrocket/Neretnwahwaahfwuai-Avatar redo.jpg

rocket queue :

-Jiorn (GON!)

hehe i guess i should mention the elena sprite is not mine its from the sfiii sprite rips request thread internet site!!! however i did color edit it so i can do that 4 u my friends!!! i cant rip sprites sorry so post them here with your request, otherwise specify what sprite you want and pray to god fightersgeneration isnt down

c U :evil:

dont post in this thread unless its a request thanks

Wel it seems that soemone deleted my post,i will ask again.Could i have an av with the same exact border as the one on my av and anything regarding FF characters or monster please,i’m sure you’ll do fine.

okay!!! but the border you are using is ugly how about i keep the same shape & words but change the LOOK of the deal okay done deal partner!!! BUT according to the rules you have to wear it for 2 weeks hehehe

No it stays how it is fuck face,i like the border i have on now…just put that in and anything with FF.

Well, if you don’t get enough requests to keep you busy, i have a site banner request. Here’s the request thread if you’re interested:

The rules are:

  1. keep it fairly small, 300 pixels width or less, 80 pixels height or less
  2. not animated
  3. has to have site name on it

If you’re too busy or if you’re just plain not interested, no worries. Just ignore this.

i am working on tonbarry’s now! majestros your site is radical, i am not sure i want to do something that may not even be used aside from being in the “gifts” section (and get overshadowed by all the other great ones there) but i may do it sometime!

hehe aite toneberrys yours is finished!!! its final fantasy 12!!! i had to squash the pic so it might be hard to see also i changed the color scheme of your border hehehe enjoy!!!

can you make me an avatar of kaila yu?

provide a picture if you have one in mind otherwise i just do google image search!!! sure thing Nerehtahtaawah!!!

You could use any of these pictures or a combination whichever you think looks best.


your going to have to copy the link and paste in your browser

Thank you sir,very nice work ,I’m dying to play FF12.

You’re quite the enthusiastic character aren’t you.

Nice work man. Can I get an av of Gon? It’s for TZ.com. You can put Jiorn (that’s my sn everywhere), Gon, or nothing if you want. Any color scheme will be fine. Whatever you think is stylish.

Pics to choose from:

I’ll probably wear it here after I sport gl0ry’s for a while. Thanks man.

Nerenteahweeeeewoooo’s si done!!! Ji0rn up next!!!

sweet thanks:D

i made dis for fun if anyone wants to use it let me know and i’ll add your name instead of mine


I’m most definitely diggin this style. Especially the one on your av.
A request huh…

Do something like what you have on your av, mostly orange and blue colored… with a 3S rip of Makoto doing a karakusa (choke grab) on… hmm… who do I really hate… Ken! Doesn’t need to be animated. Can you put that glow effect on her hands too if possible? If the choke grab ripping is hard, just get her doing a hayate and put that glow effect thing that you do. :slight_smile:

Work your magic. :slight_smile:

hey i actually didnt make the avatar im wearing now but i can still do it and try to emulate the one i have!!!

EDIT: though it might be hard to find the karakusa!!! i don’t have the emulator and even if i did i dont know how to rip!!!

I’ll try asking around to see if anyone can make a capture for me.