Wizard World News: Street Fighter moving to Devil's Due?!?

What’s the word, udoneko? Why the switch? :confused:

Will the move take place immediately or after the first arc is completed? I too am curious. Also, how big is “digest sized”?

Should be about the size of the manga TPBs that are out today.

Roughly the size of a TV Guide.

Been a while and I can finally drop in and answer some questions -

Why switch to DD a lot have asked. There are a lot of reasons, but the main bottom line is that Image is a comic book publisher and UDON has more than just the SF Comic planned for 2004, which is the 15th Anniversary of our beloved SF Game in USA.

For a brief tease - Posters, Lithographs, Busts, Statues… and…

So we have to find another publishing partner who will also allow us to market everything as a package.

You will see a UDON section in the DD pages of the Preview Catalogue starting from the January (March shipping products) issue (Available at your local comic retailer end of Dec).

Shipping March 2004 you will see solicited the first Trade Paper Back (featuring an all new Shikiro CHUN LI VS CAMMY Cover!!), the release of the Chun Li & Bison Resin Busts, and the poster everyone is asking for: the 50 character cover from SF#1. Its gonna be a big 24 X 36 poster for only USD 5.95!!

So, clear your shelves & wall space!

It is going to be an exciting 2004 for us SF fans!!!

Will this in anyway affect us comic book wise?

As in late release because of the switch over? Or cheaper paper quality ? Lower or higher price?

Other then that , Im really excited about everything you just mentioned. I can;t wait to see pics for the statues and the prices on it. Im 100 percent going to pick those up.

To put it short, where ever you guys go , I will follow and so will my wallet.

The monthly book will stay the same in terms of paper and price.

Issue 6, which is the final issue from Image will ship Feb 2004, and then issue 7 will ship April. March, are for the TPB and the other products.

We are putting out the first trade immediately after the story arc is done, which is not a usual thing that I like to do. But in such a case, we would like to give the people who has not picked up the series a chance to read the first story, so that they can continue with issue 7.

For those who has been supporting us from the start, don’t worry that the TPB will de-value your collection. Coz we are only reprinting the 9 page of #0, and the main story of #1-#6. The character profiles and the guest back up stories will not be included in the TPB. :slight_smile:

Wait a sec. The TPB! So soon! And the new story arc in April! splurt

Did I ever mention that I love you guys?:smiley:

the Mail story


looks like you were tired when you wrote that.