WNB Episode #31- feat. FR I Roach King Results and Video Archive


Wednesday Night Brawls Episode 31 was as good as ever!!! Thanks to everyone that week after week keep coming to support the hottest fighting game local scene in Raleigh. Shoutouts to everyone that helped out so that the tourney ran as quickly and smooth as possible specially to Marc Prieto (Havoc), Jon Slayton, and William “OJ” White…we really appreciate your help. A well deserved mention goes out to Aaron “FR Roach King” Chestnut (and company) for making the trip to WNB all the way from Atlanta Georgia as well as your very own Rockem Sockem’s Tactiks who also showed up with the Charlotte crew…it was a pleasure to have you guys, you are always welcome back!
We had some technical difficulties and we were behind schedule but we managed to work things out and everything was able to finish not too far off from what we had planned. Sorry for that power outage we had…thankfully by the look of how the matches were looking nothing was altered and so we were able to carry on just fine. As it turns out, the accident was caused by a Champps crew member that was taking care of something in the booth room…once again our apologies and rest assure that we will work to prevent this in the near future.
And without further due here are the results! Congratulations to the winners, well done!

16-man bracket

1 Priest
2 ReSe_Tacticks
3 Konfucious
4 Pimp Muffin
5 Xaiah
5 MX Mad!
7 BasicComplex
7 Famine
9 Josh B
9 omega_terry
9 ReSe Schixofrenic

Persona 4 Arena
16-man bracket

2 Situational Irony
3 FR Roach king
4 Slayton
5 Formerly Unknown
5 Famine
7 BasicComplex
7 Drop Comboz
9 Josh B
9 American Modok
9 Spore Punch
13 Joopiter Man
13 ReSe Schixofrenic

16-man bracket

1 FR Roach king
2 Slayton
3 Konfucious
4 Raf IDFK
5 Kresent
5 Priest
7 Joopiter Man
7 BasicComplex
9 Havoc
9 Xaiah
9 Halophitic
9 ReSe Schixofrenic
13 Tal
13 TG Sneak
13 Jazzmann

Once again thank you all for your support and we are very glad that everyone had a good time at WNB…we will see you guys next week!!!
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