WO! you guys have done a lot of great work!


Wo! all the arts or galleries you guys make impress me so much. Those are the great arts I have ever seen. I have joined in several or numerous forums or websites. But the greatest art work is SHORYUKEN. I am really impressive with them. If someone could make one for me, that will be as great as it can be.


Youre about to get IP banned dude. Just dont post in this forum anymore, you dont tag, you only troll and talk shit.


hahaha pwned

kenryuakuma: ill make u one man, it aint no thang


here ya go man





hmmmmm noob question of the day.

what does bump mean?


its supposed to mean when your thread is on the second or third page of all the threads you bump it to bring it back to the top of the list, so people will see it again. But lots of people are impatient and bump every 5 minutes or so,I did a courtesy bump, so someone would see his request and hopefully do it.


well i took his request and it doesnt seem to have been picked up yet…oh yeah that pisses me off :bluu:


wow… he created his username in 2k1 and this is his first post… on a side note…

neroiscariot i like u’re av… i still don’t know how to do streams of light…

and i don’t know why digital bus troll, has two names, and is still around…


you should take up requests from people you see post frequently.
if they don’t even post, the av won’t even be around so it’s like it was pointless to even have one in the first place.