Woah! It turns out I'm made of awesome

List any characters in a fighter that you didn’t use for the longest time, and you just happened to pick them and dominate.

For me it was Kim in KOF 98. I can’t tell why I didn’t pick him, but I tried him out recently and just dominated. I’m trying to get better at the game, and my first two characters were history, and I was up against the Ikari team and have yet to beat the first opponent. With Kim I quickly destroyed them, to my great surprise.

This is probably because Kim is borderline cheap and can counter pretty much anything you throw at him. But never the less, I dig the character.

It seemed like Q and Third Strike would never do me any good, for years and years. But I fought 2 decent players recently and I had trouble beating them until I picked Q, it’s like they had no clue what to do against him. Maybe they are used to fighting all the higher tier characters more.

In KoF11 I had never picked Iori before but I had recently starting using him in CVS2 so I decided to give him a whirl. Going in I new he was lower tier but I ended up ravaging with him.

I’m having this with E. Honda in SF4 at the moment. I have never, ever, ever been a Honda player, ever since I first picked up fighting games with SFII on the SNES way back when. But I’ve picked him in quite a few player matches online and I’ve only lost like one or two rounds with him.

I don’t even play charge characters normally so I have absolutely no explanation as to why I should be any good with him at all. I find his totally different play style from Akuma (my main) quite refreshing though, and knowing how a non-fireballer has to deal with fireball characters is definitely helping me put together a more complete fighting style with Akuma as well.

I picked Juggy in MvC2 a few times and did really well with him. Beat a sentinel once.

I did have one of my main characters on the team for support, though.

Not going to happen if you have good comp. :tdown:

In the past few months I’ve pretty much discovered the unstoppable power of Bison. He’s becoming a main in every game he’s in, all of a sudden. I never gave him a shot really all these years.

haha yeah seriously. nobody on here is talented enough to win with a character you’ve never played before against good players.

I hadn’t picked my nose in a long time but just yesterday after I was getting stuffed over and over again I decided to pick it, and well guess what I DOMINATED THE PLUGGINESS. Yes, I can breathe clearly once again!!!

The only time this happened was with Cyclops in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. What can I say? I’m just a pro. Not everyone can super jump and mash heavy kick as well as I can. I just…have a gift…

In case you didn’t know



Did you dominate the computer…? On medium?

This kinda reminds me of the thread I made awhile ago about playing better with characters that are not your main. Someone brought up a good point that people just might not be used to fighting the character you selected and are only used to fighting your main. In my opinion, there are characters that you are just naturally going to be good with and you should hope that is the character you stick with.