WOAH! Udon's on point!?


STREET FIGHTER # 10 due out Sept. 8th!!!

now, i’m not gonna play like i’ve disappointed with you, Udon, cause that can’t get farther from the truth… but i’m guessing now that Convention season is slowing down you guys are gonna be pumping these issues out like lk->lk->lk->lk…

i’m psyched… i HOPE this issue comes out on schedule… but if it doesn’t, that’s cool, i’m still gonna buy every cover :tup:


Whooo! The wait for the Fei Long foil is finnally here, that cover looks so damn hot. Cover A is a must get as well.

wow, i didnt expect it to come out that soon :clap:

i love this new icon :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

u guys rock udon :rock:

:wow: So…soon…

I love you guys fapfapfapfapfapfap

Wow, you guys at Udon must of seriously Hauled Ass. Thanks for the sleepless nights, it’s appreciated! :tup:

OK. I know if I do not want to bring “bad” news but I have to tell you guys that I do not know where that date comes from…

between #9 & #10 is where we get affected the MOST because of the CFE work and convention run arounds. So issue 10 will not be shipped until possibly end of Sept, maybe 3rd week if the printer can rush it. 10 & 11 gap should not be that long, it should go back to the regular 4 to 5 week between issues, and 12 should be one month after 11.

Again, I feel bad that I have to say the date is no correct, but I believe you’d rather hear it from me now than the book not showing up when you go to the store that day.

Bummmer. :sad:

Thats sucks but i guess we have to wait till the end of september.for the time being i,m gonna have to read my summer special that just came in the mail!

Ah, that’s fine with me! It’ll give me enough time to catch up. ^.^

During the wait, may I recommend you all to try MEGACITY909, a book by our creative partner Studio ICE, also published by Devil’s Due. For you guys and girls that are not familiar with ICE, they are a big group of artists in Korea doing great artwork. Their member list includes Hyung Tae Kim, who has provided the super sexy Cammy VS Vega fight in issue 5! MEGACITY909 is their latest project that is developed specifically for the english audience, featuring fully painted interior artwork. It will ship in the second or third week of September I believe. Check out their stuff at www.studioice.com !

  As a former editor-in-chief for a publication, i can completely sympathize with the deadline discrepancy issues that arise between the publishers, the printing company and the distributors.  As long as SF comics are coming out at all, i won't be upset.  

  As for the big gap between issues, it gives me time to get more people into the series (i've already gotten 6 people to become dedicated readers...)
  YES! I second the motion.  Studio Ice not only has some of the most impressive art i've seen in comics in a while, but Megacity's plot has a lot of potential. The allegorial Phobia and Pulse(s) excited me to the idea that a comic book might be published taht will treat some sophisticated issues with some tact and subtlety.

  I recommend people check out the five page preview on the Studio Ice web site... The opening images of the city are phenomenal.  


I can’t wait!!!

Looks like the guys from Studio Ice are the same people that did the Image comic “Defiance” a while back. Did they ever even finish it? I remember it getting to something like issue 8 before it dropped off the map. I was really liking it, but it never came out on time and it was very obvious the quality was beginning to suffer because of this. Not only in the art work, but also in the story. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Defiance and I’ll be sure to grab this one whenever it comes out but I highly doubt I’m going to invest the same commitment to it.

They already have 4 issues of MegaCity done at this point, that is before the book is even out on the shelves. Yes, these are the same artists who did Defiance a while back with Image, under new management with Studio ICE. And I am working behind the scenes with them as their consultant. So I highly recommend this book to everyone!

udoneko, do you have any information regarding Studio Ice other comic book series, MU? My friend, who is infatuated with MU Online, and I might consider picking up MU. I would greatly appreciate any feedback.

How many issues is it? Like I said, I’ll still pick it up. But I remember them having about 3-4 issues of Defiance done before hand too. So I’ll keep my skepticism until I’m (happily) proven wrong.

Like SF, MegaCity909 is planned to be an ongoing series with the first 6 issues as the first story arc. It all depends on how sales are in order for them to decide if it is still possible to continue from that on. That is why I am also trying to spread the news as much as possible to hope enogh people will be picking them up, coz their stuff look REALLY good!

I think by the end, Defiance has dropped beyond break even, and they have to cancel… let’s make sure that we have enough support on MegoCity this time around!

Ahh, I see. Defiance was definately under-rated/ordered. I’m sure now, with Studio Ice behind them and the more exposer they seem to be getting(cons, online, Previews, you), the word will be out there.