WolfGang Mikes Sunday Beat Down Fights!

Alrite its finally on!

Where: Academy Of Art University located on 620 sutter st and mason in downtonw san fran.

When: 3pm until we pass out!

I mite need people to help out with tv’s but maybe not im still waiting on the word from my school committee. They(the school)will supply us with food and drinks! Now heres the deal we CANNOT drink alcohol(NegroNinja i know you were looking forward to this im sorry lol)…BUT we can sneak it in and they dont care from there were just not allowed to have it because the school does not have the liquor license yet but they will by next semester which is august so hold tight and dont have the liquor showing and that means by your actions as well!

One thing that HIGHLY concerns me is PARKING:grrr:

There are places to park but they cost ill check and see if they can discount the parking for the school or something but if you guys can get bart thats kool because the place is rite up the street from the powell station.

Once again no need to worry this place is booked for us on this day for like the next 4years even during school vacations!

Final: ANYBODY CAN COME!!! Just let me know your name and srk name because i do have to put people on a list and they will ask you for your name and srk name at the door so let me know ahead of time and not the day before!

With all that being said come this Sunday and beat some ass :nunchuck:

Let me know if you guys have any questions or concerns!

i will be there next sunday for sure, this sunday is mothersday

mothersday + finals = K.O

Aww damn thats rite lol well lets do it next sunday!

Yo can i get some rep points for gettin the venue?

next sunday fo sho.

Wait a minute…free food and drinks??? Ok, what’s the catch??? :confused:

They remove a piece of your soul…

I have a 27 inch sdtv hanging around, but someone needs to help my ass with a ride or figure out parking funds. It’s a pain in the ass to carry. You guys know I always bring my 360 as well.

Ok, but they can only have dirty soiled part. But seriously…I wanna know, what’s the catch with the free food? D=

There is no catch the school supports any and all clubs started within the school and supply us whatever we need. Im gonna get more tv’s really soon so the extra week is needed.

SO im thinkin pizza, some wings, and whatever you guys want. So what do yall wanna eat???

Awwww no beer? Well I don’t want to really sneak it in because that is an unnecessary risk, what with all the bars located on sutter!! And don’t worry about hiding inebriated behavior, how do you think I got through high school?

I got systems if you need it, though since I have no one unlocked on my PS3’s SF4 we’ll likely need a save file copy or some shit like that. When Blazblue/KOFXII drops I’ll be bringing that and if we need extra TVs I might be inclined to donate one to the cause ( I should 3 HD’s by July assuming Moms doesn’t take her’s back to Hawaii, I might just buy it off her ).

Sounds good. Throw in some burgers and fries too! You know we’re all gonna gorge ourselves with free food right? lol

Hey guys, looks like I have hella work to do before my deadline, and if I go today, I don’t think I’ll be able to make my deadline.

Have fun yall! Represent what Frisco can do!!!

Howdy thar! Was wondering since any of us can come, if there were directions from BART for those of us not super familiar with where the academy is at?

i will be coming sunday for sure.

so is this going on today? i’m in frisco for the day wanted to check out. thx alot guys.

prety sure NEXT sunday?

this sounds very cool. great option for sundays that big tournaments aren’t happening on! I’ll be sure to try to go when I can :slight_smile:

i think he said an extra week is needed for TVs so yea most likly next week… hopfully